Two days ago, a man whose first name is “Africa,” confronted “Reverend” Matsimela Mapfumo (Mark Thompson), Host of “Make it Plain” on Sirius XM. Reverend Thompson can be seen and heard regularly hosting “Make It Plain” with a #GetWoke banner hanging behind him on Sirius XM. Thompson can also be found as a regular guest on MSNBC.

The man being attacked in the video goes by the name of “Africa,” and is part of the #ADOS movement or American Descendants of Slaves.

Yvette Carnell, the co-founder of #ADOS, retweeted the video, saying: After watching the video, it is CLEAR that owes both this man and an apology. He got mad at being called a sellout and got physical. There is no excuse for his behavior, or the slanderous lies that followed.

Africa confronted the Sirius XM host telling him that he gets frustrated by Mark Thompson’s rhetoric on MSNBC that seems to only focus on Russia. Africa told him as a “poor black man from the inner city, ” he doesn’t care about Russia or Putin. Africa told him, “My kid’s education is horrible. They have no jobs.” Africa admitted, “I have a felony, so I really can’t get a job.” Africa asked him, “How do I get someone at MSNBC to speak for me?” Thompson attempted to convince Africa that he cares about black people as much as he cares about destroying Donald Trump with the fake Russian collusion narrative, saying,  “I do talk about those things on MSNBC.” Africa corrected him, saying, “When the Mueller report came out, you was highly concerned. But to us, the average black person, we don’t care about Russia.” A frustrated Thompson told Africa, “That’s not true! We have to care about everything. We have a President…” Africa cut him off, saying, “But Russia’s not the one that’s killing me!” Thompson pointed his finger in Africa’s face, telling him, “No, Russia is…Russia is.”

When Thompson attempted to walk away, things became heated. Africa accused Thompson of not having time to speak to him about matters that the poor black community cares about. As Africa stepped to the side to prevent Thompson from leaving and dodging his question, Thompson became furious. That’s when Africa accused the liberal host of being a “coon” and a “sellout.” A woman can be seen approaching the two men, as appeared to plead with Africa to back off. That’s when the Sirius XM host and frequent guest on MSNBC punched Africa in the head.

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Following the right hook that the Sirius XM host landed on the head of “Africa,” Thompson tweeted about how he was assaulted at the event, saying, I was assaulted in Newark Fri by a brother spouting rhetoric, but thx to Mayor’s detail & , I’m ok. I am praying for the brother.

What? Does the Sirius XM radio host think he can erase the video evidence showing him punching “Africa” in the head with his rhetoric?

Blacks in America are divided. Candace Owens of Turning Point USA, started the Blexit movement as a way to give Blacks in America a voice and to share their decision to leave the Democrat plantation that has kept Blacks enslaved with government handouts for generations. Kanye West met with President Trump to show his support for him and the incredible work he and his administration have done to lift Blacks out of poverty and back into the workforce. Black leaders are touting Trump’s historic prison reform legislation that disproportionately affected young, black men. Meanwhile, Democrat Party presidential hopefuls are propping up false reparations packages that they know will never pass Congress.

In this outrageous MSNBC interview, SIRIUS XM radio host Mark Thompson claims baby Jesus may have died under Trump.

Carnell told Intercept magazine the hashtag ADOS was started two years ago, because “we thought there wasn’t enough policy…for Americans who descended from slavery and had ancestors who lived through Jim Crow, reconstruction, all of that, so we came up with this hashtag.”

On February 7, 2019, Ann Coulter admitted that she likes the #ADOS movement, focused on policy for Americans who descended from slaves, but believes Haitian and Moroccan slaves should not be a part of the movement.

Will Sirius XM fire the host for assaulting another black man on video? What do you think of his actions? Were they justified? Please tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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