Just when you think that mainstream media has reached its lowest point, they somehow managed to stoop even lower.  But you know they’ve hit rock bottom when Ilhan Ohmar calls them out for their despicable behavior.

GiveSendGo confirmed in a Twitter statement Tuesday that its site had been hacked by what it called “malicious actors.” It also said the names and emails of donors had indeed been revealed, but insisted “no credit card information was leaked” and “no money was stolen.”

The cyberattack revealed the names of thousands of donors to the Canadian truckers’ freedom convoy, as well as the dollar amounts that each person donated.

It was bad enough that the malicious hack was made public, but Ottowa reporter, Alison Mah took it even further by reporting on a $250 donation made by The Stella Luna Gelato Cafe in Ottawa.

The Stella Luna Gelato Cafe was forced to close on Tuesday after her donation to the Freedom Convoy was made public. After the list was posted, her staff began to receive threats.

Much to the surprise of many, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN), criticized journalists for calling out a shop owner who made a donation to the Freedom Convoy in Canada, saying journalists should not be publishing the names of people who made “insignificant” donations.

Rep. Omar took to Twitter, where she appeared to be defending the anonymity of the cafe owner who became a  target of the Left for supporting the Trucker’s for Freedom Convoy. However, if you read the tweet carefully, she is actually calling out the journalists and not the leftist haters (her supporters).

Even Tucker is giving Omar credit: “Ilhan Omar is generally loathsome but when she says something that’s true we’re going to give her credit for it because unlike the Las Vegas Sun we’re not liars”

Conservative Ted Cruz tweeted: I am retweeting @IlhanMN fully and unironically.

On Sunday night GiveSendGo’s homepage was replaced with ‘GiveSendGo IS NOW FROZEN!’ in bold, blue text, as well as a manifesto scrolling over a clip from the Disney film Frozen II, depicting Elsa singing Show Yourself while riding across the Dark Sea on a horse made of water.”

Here is a part of the video hackers posted on the Give Send Go website.


The media may have stooped low, but Trudeau’s Justice Minister on convoy supporters: “If you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who’s donating… you ought to be worried” about your bank account being frozen.

What do all so many of these so-called journalists have in common? Well, they’re all squarely on the side of entrenched power against the population they supposedly serve. Wonder why that is the case?

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