Adults don’t always do the right thing, ans sometimes they’re not the best examples for our youth, but a Buffalo, NY school bus driver takes the cake. After smashing into the front of a college student’s red Mustang, the school bus driver simply drove away. Instead of getting out to leave a note, or make an attempt to locate the owner of the vehicle, she drove away, while the kids on the bus watched.  That’s when this impressive sixth grader stepped in an took action…

A school bus driver in Buffalo, NY, might have gotten away with a hit-and-run if the sixth grader she’d just dropped off didn’t leave a note on the car she dented.

WKBW identified the car’s owner as Andrew Sipowicz. He wasn’t there when it happened, but he said one of his roommates was driving by and took a photo of how close the bus was to his car. –NBC12

The note the unidentified student left on the car, read:

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An unidentified student from Houghten Academy left a note that read:

“If you wondering what happen to your car.

Bus: 449 hit your car. It stops here everyday to drop me off.

Image of the college student’s car after it was hit by the bus.

This young lady’s parents should be proud of the way she stepped up and apologized for her bus driver, while making sure the driver knew who hit their car while it was parked.

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