Earlier this week, it was rumored that Hillary could barely fill a phone booth with supporters at her Ohio rallies, so she ended up cancelling them. The media has no desire to report on the lackluster support of the low-information voter Hillary relies on to send her scratching and clawing to our White House. They also have no desire to report on the thousands of patient Trump supporters who stood in blistering Florida heat waiting in line to see “the outsider” tell them how he was going to keep America safe and bring jobs back to unemployed and under-employed Americans. 

Here’s one of Hillary’s biggest media cheerleader’s Andrea Mitchell reporting on one of her Ohio stops. Andrea claims Hillary was hitting Donald Trump on “outsourcing bankruptcies & promises to tackle systemic racism.” Check out the empty seats. My kids have bigger turnouts at their neighborhood lemonade stands.

Compare Hillary’s few supporters in Ohio to Trump’s massive crowds in the other swing state of Florida:

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