Joe Biden came out sleepy and slurring his words when he tried to fire up the voters in Pennsylvania yesterday.

He’s got the same slurring problem as Nancy Pelosi!

The supercut below shows just how sleepy Joe really was when he mixed up words and even made up new ones during his speech to Union workers.

The crowd even looked sleepy with yawns and blank looks instead of energy and enthusiasm for their candidate.

The curious thing is that not one of the many gaffes below was seen on the news. While it’s not surprising, it’s obvious the candidate is out of practice whipping up a crowd. The lackluster enthusiasm doesn’t bode well for the candidate for president in 2020 especially because this is Biden’s third time running.

While Joe tried to get everyone worked up about his campaign, the supporters in the crowd looked just as sleepy as Joe’s slurred words:

The faces of the people in the stands behind Joe Biden today spoke volumes. Some were yawning others looked agitated, many wore mean mugs. It was tough to watch. You can’t manufacture excitement and enthusiasm, Especially with no new ideas and lies about a booming economy.

The crowd was less than half of what Bernie Sanders had just two weeks ago:

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