Joe Biden’s campaign isn’t wasting any time attacking President Trump while he’s being treated for COVID in Walter Reed Hospital.

Fox News – President Trump’s campaign blasted Joe Biden for continuing to air negative ads while the president is fighting COVID-19 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland.

Biden’s campaign pledged Friday to take down all negative ads against Trump as the president battled the coronavirus, but TV spots criticizing the president were still running Saturday as the president was hospitalized.

At 4:48 PM ET on Friday, as President Trump was preparing to go to Walter Reed Medical Center, Joe Biden attacked him with a long-debunked lie about Social Security.

Biden falsely claimed that if what “the president’s talking about” comes to pass, “the actuary of Social Security said if that plan goes through, Social Security would be bankrupt by 2023.”

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Multiple fact-checkers have debunked this 4-Pinocchio false claim.

A new Zogby poll reveals that basement Biden’s campaign’s strategy doesn’t appear to be working.

In a new Zogby poll of 1006 likely voters nationwide, former Vice-President Joe Biden holds on to a two-point lead over President Donald Trump, 49% to 47% with 4% not sure.

The random sample online poll was taken on Friday beginning after 7 PM and has an overall margin-of-sampling error of +/-3.2 percentage points.

Our July 8th poll showed Biden leading Trump 49% to 42% and the previous poll released on August 29th had Biden leading by six points (48% to 42%).

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The former VP is leading among Democrats 91%-8%, voters 18-29 years of age (60%-35%) and those 30-49 (50%-45%), as well as among women (56%-41%), Progressives (85%-15%), Liberals (85%-14%) and Moderates (58%-36%). He also leads among Hispanics is 61%-34% and Blacks (87%-11%).

The President, who was hospitalized before the poll was launched, leads among fellow Republicans (94%-6%), voters 50-64 (53%-45%) and those over 65 (50%-47%). As of now, Mr. Trump is capturing a slight majority of Catholic voters (51%-46%), Evangelicals (68%-32%), Conservatives (78%-18%), and Very Conservative voters (92%-8%). He also is ahead among Whites (56%-40%) and parents of children under 17 living at home (54%-40%).

The two candidates are tied among Independents at 44% each with 12% undecided.

In other results:

By a margin of 43%-40%, voters still think that Mr. Trump will win the election

The President’s job approval has climbed to 50% while 47% disapprove

Among voters who have voted already, or plan to vote by mail, Biden leads 61% to 36%. On the flip side, Among those who intend to vote in person, Trump leads 58% to 39%.

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