Joe Biden was speaking at a campaign event in North Liberty, Iowa when a man came walking up to him.

The man took off his shirt to reveal a t-shirt underneath that said: “Settle for Biden”.

The crowd chanted “Let’s go Joe!”

The heckler wearing the t-shirt said: “I just want to say that you’re a fine candidate, and I’m planning on settling for Biden in 2020. I think we should all settle for Biden. I think you could be the Hillary of 2020.”

“Sleepy” Joe Biden just stared at the man wearing the t-shirt until the end of the video where Biden says, “I tell you what, man…”

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Notice John Kerry sitting on the front row with his mouth hanging open just watching the heckler. Kerry has been making appearances with Biden on the campaign trail to show his support for Biden.

Biden isn’t too quick on his feet…He lets the heckler wander through the crowd without any comment until the end of the video.

Democrats are in disarray because of the split between Bernie Sanders and Biden supporters. Biden was the frontrunner in Iowa until Sanders took the lead.

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