This is all so obvious…The Deep State is desperate to change the narrative. First it was a claim there was no spying on Trump and now they admit it and say it’s no big deal. Check out the doubling down by Clapper who’s as slippery as they come…

The NYT reports: James R. Clapper Jr., who was the director of national intelligence under President Barack Obama, said that Mr. Trump is trying to distort standard investigatory practices to insinuate wrongdoing.

“I didn’t know about this informant,” said Mr. Clapper, whose memoir, “Facts and Fears: Hard Truths From a Life in Intelligence,” will be published Tuesday. “No one in the White House knew. Certainly the president didn’t know. This is a routine thing that goes on all the time. We’re making a huge mountain out of a molehill. The purpose was to understand what the Russians were doing.”


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Sara A. Carter tweeted out a reminder: Wait… Clapper the leaker who denied the IC was being used to spy on the Trump campaign, now says it was a good thing they did…unfettered power

Former Director of Intelligence James Clapper said last Thursday night on CNN that it was “a good thing” there was an FBI informant spying on the Trump campaign.

Clapper admitted the FBI “may have had someone who was talking to them in the campaign,” referring to President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. He explained away the possibility of an FBI informant spying on the campaign as the bureau was trying to find out “what the Russians were doing to try to substantiate themselves in the campaign or influence or leverage it.”

Obama’s Director of National Intelligence then went on to say, “So, if there was someone that was observing that sort of thing, that’s a good thing.”

He also stated he believes, “it’s hugely dangerous if someone like that is exposed because the danger to that person” and the potential “reluctance of others to be informants for the FBI” could possibly devastate the FBI.

Remember when James Clapper testified (see video below) that the government wasn’t spying on Americans? He lied by saying, “not wittingly”.

He also lied about this:

THE CLAPPER-TAPPER LEAK: House Intel Report Reveals James Clapper Leaked Dossier Briefing to CNN’s Jake Tapper…Then Lied About It


How much longer can they lie and deflect?

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