Over 43 people were killed after Hurricane Ida ravaged homes and businesses in Louisiana and flooded the east coast.

Restaurants and bars devastated by COVID lockdowns are now facing an even bigger problem—as they struggle to reopen, they can’t find help because they can’t compete with generous checks being sent to their former employees by the US government incentivizing workers to stay home.

Across America, momentum is building against vaccine and mask mandates.

Over 1,000 protest vaccine mandates in NYC yesterday.

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Thanks to Joe Biden’s incompetency, 13 families will never see their sons or daughters, 13 members of our US military, who were killed in the Biden regime’s massively botched exit from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, hundreds of Americans and thousands of Afghan allies are trapped in the Islamic hell-hole of Afghanistan.

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So, where is Joe? Joe’s busy in his home state of Delaware, high-fiving union workers and taking selfies.

According to the Daily Mail – Biden made a surprise visit to an electrical workers’ union hall on Labor Day where he was all smiles socializing with blue-collar workers there – as millions of Americans lose their federal COVID pandemic unemployment benefits.

When he arrived on Monday afternoon Biden spoke and shook hands with members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 313.

The president asked the union workers to join him for sandwiches from a Delaware-founded fast-food chain that were provided for the event.

He spent the sunny day speaking with electrical workers and taking photos with them, at one point taking a call from one of the employee’s mothers.

‘Mom, I wish you were here. I just stopped by to thank these guys,’ Biden told the parent over the phone. ‘Happy Labor Day.’

The entire encounter lasted roughly 30 minutes before Biden returned to his Wilmington residence.

Meanwhile, more than 7 million Americans will lose federal unemployment benefits today and an additional 3million will stop receiving a $300 weekly boost on checks as emergency COVID payments expire.

Four types of specialized unemployment payments that were created because of COVID end on Monday.

They are; the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation ($300 weekly boost on existing payments), Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (for those who already exhausted their state unemployment benefits), Mixed Earners Unemployment Compensation ($100-per-week for people who previously worked as a contractor and employee) and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (which widened who could apply for unemployment).

Today, 18 months after they were first created, Americans will no longer be able to claim any of them.

The end of the payments comes after an abysmal jobs report in August with just 235,000 new jobs added to the economy – 765,000 fewer than the previous month.

The unemployment rate at the start of COVID was the highest on record at nearly 15 percent. It has now dropped below 6 percent again

Like Joe, his former boss was able to distract from the terrible job he was doing by throwing on a pair of aviator sunglasses and shooting some baskets with celebrities. Barack Obama was so adored by the media, they even tried to cover for him when was caught smiling for several selfies with European leaders during Nelson Mandela’s funeral,

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