The hosts of “New Day” dug a deeper hole for CNN on Wednesday when they said that the network would not identify the Reddit user behind the viral video of President Trump wrestling a man with CNN’s logo imposed over his face because he apologized. CNN had previously written that it had decided not to publicly identify the man because he was a private citizen who showed remorse, but “reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change:”…THAT’S BLACKMAIL!

Sooo if this guy “behaves” according to CNN then they won’t out him to the world…Nice threat!

In case you missed it – Here’s our previous report on this viral video:
CNN reported that they declined to expose a private citizen who made the WWE video of President Trump wrestling with a CNN logo if  the guy promises not to do it again: “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.” This is blackmail…right?

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The hysterical video has been seen over 1 million times after it was tweeted out by President Trump. It was produced by a Reddit user who is private:

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Soon after the CNN statement, twitter was abuzz over the fact that CNN was extorting this private citizen:




What CNN thought was a gotcha moment turned putto backfire on them. It’s being reported that the private Reddit user who made the WWE video is only 15-years old!

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