Tucker to sanctuary city supporter: how did a law professor from NYC end up the spokesman for big employers who exploit low-wage labor?

American workers are being shoved out and replaced with cheap labor from refugees. Chobani Yogurt’s founder is one of the many culprits who’s kicking American workers to the curb and welcoming he so-called “refugees”. it’s so important to call out these CEO’s and others who’re killing American jobs. Do what you can!

We’ve had an issue with this company before:COINCIDENCE? CHOBANI SCORES MAJOR CONTRACT WITH MOOCH’S GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM After Airing Naked Lesbian TV Ad To 3% Of Population [VIDEO]

One of those is Hamdi Ulukaya founder of Chobani Yogurt who will be going to Davos to the World Economic Forum this week to encourage more businesses to hire refugees (that is, to encourage more resettlement of refugees to America).

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BTW, if he wants to spend his millions helping mostly Muslim refugees where they are, that is wonderful and commendable, but lobbying for more to be admitted to the US should be opposed at every turn.

We should be calling out those change agents by name and finding their connections to your elected officials at the local, state and national level. Find out how much they are contributing to campaigns and how they are influencing the local Chambers of Commerce and your local newspapers.

You MUST! start a local website, or blog, and publish what you learn. A facebook page is o.k. but won’t reach enough people. If you have to, go door-to-door, but you MUST compete with your local media that is in most cases in the pockets of these corporations!

Don’t get bogged down in endless debates with the No Borders Left and your local progressive community organizers who want to make this all about saving the poor and downtrodden of the world!

Refugee resettlement is not about ‘humanitarianism!’

The do-gooders bringing refugees to America are shills for big business whether they know it or not!

It is about globalization and multi-national corporations’ need for cheap migrant laborers!

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