A Rhode Island Democrat state Senator was arrested for vandalizing a parked car after using his keys to scratch a vehicle with a “Biden Sucks” bumper sticker.

Senate Democrat policy chairman Joshua Miller danced around the truth when he was questioned by the police. Fortunately, the car owner’s son caught the Senator harming the vehicle. A surveillance camera also captured the Senator’s immature behavior.
The vehicle was apparently parked next to Miller’s at a garden center in Cranston, Rhode Island, on Thursday. The car owner’s son was apparently in the parked vehicle and climbed out to confront Miller after hearing the scratching noise. He claims he saw Miller holding a set of keys.
The young man confronted Miller, but the state Senator denied scratching the vehicle before he turned and walked away. The police were called shortly after.
Rhode Island GOP Chairman Joe Powers responded to the tweeted video footage showing Miller attempting to shift blame while denying the truth, saying the car owner is a “Gun Nut” and trying to block him. He also told the police he thought that the young man recognized him since he was a state senator.

‘He was blocking my way, saying that I scratched his car. I didn’t scratch his car,’ Miller said. ‘I’m a state senator. I think he recognized me. I think he’s one of the gun nuts.’
‘He didn’t recognize you,’ the police officer responded bluntly.

Powers tweeted, “This behavior is unbecoming of anyone holding a leadership position.`State Senator Joshua Miller has proven once again that he does not have the composure required to represent every constituent in his district and must resign immediately.”


The senator only admitted to the misdemeanor after police told him they had video footage showing he vandalized someone’s vehicle. Initially, he denied the accusation. Sadly this is the type of representation Americans have come to expect, There used to be feelings of respect and admiration for leadership, but unfortunately, when politicians behave poorly as Miller did, it cheapens their role. The incident occurred in District 28, which is the area Miller has represented since 2006.
The below photos show the damage Miller did to the other vehicle.

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