We’ve covered the Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Juneteenth stunt (errrr, sorry….event) a couple times already this morning and I can’t stop watching it.

Like the proverbial train wreck, I can’t stop watching!

Because like this Tweet says below, the longer you watch the crazier it gets!

Kamala doing her awkward dance, you can almost hear the cackle over the loud music….

Kamala trying to get her white husband to dance, and he’s having none of it but smiling like a moron….

But he’s doing better than Biden who is frozen in place.

But then your eyes move over to the left and you think oh, here’s some lady in a shiny dress!

But it’s not a lady.

It appears to be a dude.

I asked ChatGPT 4O who it is and it told me it was Billy Porter.

To which I responded, “Never heard of her!”

But here’s a short bio:

Billy Porter is an American actor, singer, and fashion icon, best known for his work in theater, television, and music. Born on September 21, 1969, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he rose to prominence through his Tony Award-winning role as Lola in the Broadway musical “Kinky Boots” and his portrayal of Pray Tell in the FX series “Pose,” which earned him an Emmy Award.

Porter has often been in the spotlight not just for his talents but also for his bold fashion choices, which have sometimes been met with mixed reactions. His appearances at events like the Oscars and the Met Gala have garnered attention for their flamboyant and gender-defying outfits, sparking both praise and controversy.

In 2017, Porter faced criticism for comments he made about the LGBTQ+ community, which some perceived as divisive. He later clarified his statements, emphasizing his support for unity within the community. Additionally, Porter’s decision to openly discuss his HIV-positive status in 2021 was both a moment of advocacy and a source of public scrutiny, as he faced questions about why he had kept it secret for so long.

Porter’s outspoken nature and willingness to challenge norms have made him a polarizing figure. His memoir, “Unprotected,” delves into his struggles with childhood trauma, homophobia, and his journey in the entertainment industry, offering a candid look at the complexities of his life.

Despite the controversies, Billy Porter remains a significant figure in contemporary entertainment, known for his advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and his efforts to push the boundaries of fashion and performance.

Ok so he fits right in.

I’m sorry folks, this is just an absolute embarrassment.

Historians are going to look back on this moment in time and ask what in the world was wrong with us.

Or…they’re going to look back in time and mark this as the moment right before the empire fell.

Because you do know this is almost exactly what Rome looked like before it fell.


Anyway, now let’s talk about Joe for a minute….

Why is he frozen?

My thoughts:

Joe Biden FREEZES Again!

Joe Biden often looks frozen…


But what I’m about to show you is perhaps his worse yet.

While the whole crowd is awkwardly but vibrantly dancing (cringe!) Joe Biden just stands there mouth agape like his batteries are below that 5% mark and he’s doing all he can to conserve power for just a little longer!

We’ve all been there…

Your phone battery goes below 20% and suddenly goes from the nice green color to the yellow on the battery bar.

You pretend like you don’t see it.

This is fine!

But then it ticks below 10% and below 5% and suddenly the yellow has turned to red.

Now you’re panicking….

Not a charger in sight.

Or perhaps you have a charger and no outlet.

Either way, you’re screwed.

At this point, all you can do is start shutting things down.

You shut off the WiFi and shut off the Bluetooth….

You turn the screen brightness down to as low as it will go.

You kill all open aps.

And when you do all of that, my friends, this is the visual representation of what you get:

Backup video here:

Of course he was at least still moving slightly….

Which makes is weird but still not as weird as these three:

Why Did Al Roker, Maxine Waters and Shaq All FREEZE On Live TV?

Back to Joe Biden....

Fox News had more details:

President Biden appeared to freeze during a Juneteenth celebration at the White House on Monday.

Biden, 81, was filmed standing still as stone while those around him, including Vice President Kamala Harris, clapped and danced to a concert featuring gospel singer Kirk Franklin.

Video shows Biden staring blankly and not moving an inch for about 30 seconds before Philonise Floyd — the brother of George Floyd, whose murder triggered nationwide riots in 2020 — noticed the president and put his arm around him. Biden then smiles as Floyd leans in to say something, and they bump fists after exchanging a few words.

Republicans, who have sought to make the president's advanced age an issue in the 2024 election, were quick to deride the president. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"Why isn't Biden moving?" the Republican National Committee's rapid response account questioned on X.

"Lights are on but no one's home," former President Trump's campaign posted.

The parodies are already being released and they are HILARIOUS!

Watch this one:

What a crowd....

Gonna tell my kids this was th

It's been a rough couple of days for Joe Biden....

Did you see this from just yesterday?

Are they doing all they can to set up a 25th Amendment challenge?

Joe Biden Suffers Most Confused Moment Yet Trying To Get Offstage...

Joe Biden just suffered his most confused moment yet while trying to get offstage...

I know, I know, that's a very high bar, but I believe this is the worst I have ever seen.

He does that confused walk where he turns right, turns left, then shuffles off in one direction with his hands oddly out in front of him, gets to the end of the stage, pauses, turns around, and then starts turning in circles like one of those robot vacuum cleaners that gets stuck in a corner and doesn't know where to go next.

Take a look:

Some people are convinced it is Jim Carrey playing him in costume....

I can't say for sure.

But I can't say it's not either.

Tim Pool calls them Cornholio Hands and that is so perfect:

Here's a backup of the video in case you need it.

Watch here:

Best of call though is President Trump mocking Biden and doing his own impression of him.

It's so spot on!

Watch here:

Now back to the whole question about Jim Carrey.

Honestly....it's not as crazy as you might think.

Check this out:

Is Jim Carrey Playing Joe Biden In A "Mask"?

Is "The Mask" playing Joe Biden and wearing a Mask?

I've waited quite awhile to cover this....years even.

But the speculation has certainly been out there.

I'm not even saying I'm convinced he is, but I will say this -- I want you to watch this video below IN FULL before you judge.

Because this is pretty wild.

About halfway through I started to realize this was almost beyond any level of "coincidence" explaining things away.

Watch for yourself:

Backup here if needed:

It WOULD explain the earlobes problem:

And if. you don't know what that is, look here:

The old Joe Biden never had the creepy smile he does now.

You know, this one:

And if you think all of this is crazy, then you just don't know your facts.

And you most certainly have not seen this:

Former CIA Chief of Disguise — “I Briefed Bush Sr. In A Mask And He Couldn’t Tell!”

If they could do that in the 1990s, what do you think they can do today?

More here:

And now let's recount all the other "weird" things we've witnessed over these last 3 years with Joe Biden's face:

The Actor Playing Joe Biden Just Revealed His Mask?

Yes, we're going there....

No, I have never ascribed to the theory that all these people are dead, executed at GITMO, and actors and body doubles are playing them.

I haven't seen the evidence for that.

But I HAVE seen some evidence that very sophisticated masks do exist and I just saw some major new evidence about the Biden mask tonight.

So I'm sharing with you.

And you can make your own decision after you see this....

Judge for yourself!

A new video is going absolutely viral after the Biden mask seems to be exposed.

Take a look for yourself:


And check out that thumb too!

Do you know any thumbs that look like this?

More here:

The most complex military campaign in history?


Who is under there?

Some literally believe it is Jim Carrey:

Now to everyone who thinks this is too crazy, I respectfully suggest you simply don't know what you're talking about.

Have you seen this?

If they can do it with Eli Manning on the football field, what do you think they can do with a sedentary Joe Biden?

Oh, and is this the reason Joe always "calls a lid" by 9am?

Do they need to limit the exposure of time in the mask?

Suddenly starts to make a lot of sense, right?

Just read this and try and tell me it's not possible.....I dare ya!

Are Multiple Actors In Fake Masks "Playing" Joe Biden?

Ok look, I'll say right off the bat I don' know for sure what's going on with Biden.

And I'm not one of these people who thinks he was executed at GITMO 5 years ago and is now replaced by a clone.

Not going there.

But...being played by an actor?

Or by multiple actors?

Not far-fetched if you ask me.

Especially considering how different he often looks.

More on that farther down in this article.

But right now I want to show you something that will probably blow your mind if you didn't realize just how good they've gotten with fake face masks.

No, I don't mean COVID face masks.

I mean, an entirely fake face put on somebody.

I saw this clip on ESPN recently of Eli Manning (who is 41) who went "undercover" to Penn State to try and walk on as a college freshman.

You know, about 18 years old.

And guess what?

After the fake face was put on, nobody recognized him!

And here's the other part...they did a full day of football tryouts....running around, sweating, moving, hitting, the full deal.  And the fake face stayed on.

So is it really that hard to believe Joe Biden is being played by an actor made to "look" like Joe Biden?

Think about how often they never let him leave his basement, now why would they want to keep him out of public view so much?

First, because he's a walking gaffe machine.

But second, you probably wouldn't want to have to put on the fake Biden face too often, would you?

I bet not.

So keep him out of public view as much as possible before you have to run out the actor?

I don't folks, I'm not 100% convinced either way, but here's what I do know after watching this ESPN bit: they have the technology and it's not even that hard.

Go ahead and watch this, it's pretty incredible.

Watch till the end when he rips the fake face off in front of the whole team and they are stunned.


Here's some more footage:

And since we're on the topic, here is Julie Green saying "Biden will soon be unmasked".


Watch here on Rumble:

Now let's take a minute to explore all the different "Bidens" and how they all look so wildly different.

FAKE ACTOR? Can You Spot The Real Joe Biden?

Is this the same man in all 4 photos?

Let's dig in to a very serious question, shall we?

What is going on with Joe Biden?

That's a very open-ended question that could take hours to unpack, but let's just talk about his looks and mannerisms.

Is this the same guy from a few years ago?

I wonder.

And so do many of you because I get your emails and videos.

On that note, a big "thank you" very much to my friend Mark who sent me this video.

It's a comparison of Joe Biden in 2006 vs. now.

The differences are stunning!

Of course you have the shocking mental decline but you also have a man who sounds a lot more like a Republican back in 2006.

Watch this and then keep reading for a deep dive into just how many different "Bidens" there seem to be!

Is this the same man?

Even Sean Hannity is talking about it!

But first, watch this from Rumble:

Now let's dig in deeper...

I'm not making any conclusions here, I'm simply reporting.

I report, you decide.

Anyone else think Joe Biden looks a little...."different"....than he used to?

Of course we all look different as we continue to age.

Reminds me of one of my favorite Mitch Hedberg jokes:

But let's get serious for a moment.

Because seriously, Joe Biden does NOT look much like the guy from 10-15 years ago.

My friend Daniel just posted this video and I had to share it with you:


If you're having trouble seeing that, you can watch it here on Rumble:

Wanna take it one more level deeper?

Many people are saying the last photo in that video sure does look like Jim Carey pretending to be Joe Biden.

What do you think:

But it's not just "conspiracy theorists" on the Internet asking questions.

Sean Hannity is even starting to question it.

Watch this recent segment where he asks "What happened to Joe?"

Are there two Joes?

Watch Sean here on Rumble:

What do you think?

Leave a comment below.

Want to dive in even deeper?

Let's look at an even older clip of Joe Biden and you tell me if this is the same guy currently pretending to be President.....


And since Twitter will no doubt be taking that post down very soon, don't worry I saved a backup!

From Rumble:

Beyond the incredible admission, people are rightly pointing out that the Biden of today does not look or sound much like the Biden of 13 years ago.

Take a look for yourself:


And here:

What do you think?

They sure do look different to me!

And while we're on the topic of Biden's admissions (perhaps from a guilty soul?) let's revisit this:

Even a liar tells the truth sometimes!

Mostly when his cognitive ability has declined so much he can no longer keep all the lies straight.

What do YOU think?

Zoom in:

From Fake Biden we move to Fake Whitehouse?

Biden Caught AGAIN Posting From Fake Oval Office Set! Is He Not In The White House?

It happened again folks.

Joe Biden posting videos and messages from an obviously FAKE White House set.

We've covered this before here:

Biden Caught AGAIN Using a Fake White House Set!

And here:

Biden Mocked for Using Fake White House Set with Digital Windows, Rose Garden

But it just happened again and it's getting REALLY weird.

This all begs the simple question: if you have access to the REAL White House, why do you need to create a Fake set somewhere else?

But let's back up a minute and address the so-called "Fact Checkers".

Or as I like to call them, the Ministry of Propaganda.

Because they don't truly "fact check" jack shit.

Their sole job is to try and sway a story and confuse the public from what is obvious truth.

Exhibit A?

We'll let's go right to a "Fact Check" on the whole Fake White House story from back in October when this first broke.

Back in October, WeLoveTrump was one of the first in the Media to jump on the story of the Fake White House set.

Before it was common news, we posted here at WeLoveTrump that the window behind Joe Biden looked very odd...almost cartoonish in coloration.

Very shortly after that post it was being widely reported that it was indeed a Fake Set of the White House.

In fact, here is one of the photos which was a total BOMBSHELL when it was first released.  It very clearly shows the Fake Set:

And this:

If you go to Facebook to this very day, this is what you see when you load that photo.


Hilarious folks....

It's a picture and we can all determine the context with our own two eyes!

But the Ministry of Propaganda has to TELL YOU what you can think...

They have to TELL YOU what your eyes are seeing...

So sad.

Here's another one:

Oh what do you know...more "Missing Context".

Friends, let me key you in on a little truth...

I'll translate this for you from Facebook-speak to Plain-English Truth.


Missing Context = this is actually 100% true and even we can't BS enough to label it false so we're going to find some minor detail or idea we make up and claim that due to something that has 0.01% impact on the story it is "Missing Context".

Hope that helps.

But it's not just FakeBook and their propaganda...

Let's now go to Reuters who published this "fact check" back in October:

Any rational human-being reading that report would conclude it must be fake news!

See (says Normie Poindexter)....See!  I told you it was fake news that Biden was on a fake White House set!

Except....keep reading.

Let's just skip down to the END of the article where they admit (1) he WAS in fact on a film set, and (2) it wasn't in the White House at all, it was in the Eisenhower Building!


Compare that first section with the last section...

Even within their own article they are caught lying!

And yet these bastards hold themselves out as Fact-Checkers.


I've had massive dumps in a toilet that hold more truth that your garbage fact checks.

But I digress...

Let's get back to the story and advance the ball because the Fake Set was just used again!

Here is the new photo released by the White House which they claim is a photo of his call with Ukrainian President Zelensky:

Yes, note that is the official Twitter account.

Notice anything weird?

It's those weird cartoonish colorized windows again!

And what do we see outside them?


Of course, I don't need to tell you that it's winter in D.C. and no trees have green leaves on them right now.

But just in case, here are two photos from live feeds of the White House taken today and yesterday:

Right, no leaves.

Winter time.

Why in the world would you need to build a FAKE OVAL OFFICE set?

The obvious answer is because you don't have access to the genuine article.

Make of that what you will.

Follow up question: why do they KEEP doing it?

My theory is when they did it the first time, they never thought they would get caught.

We were one of the first to notice and start asking questions, so we take pride in being on the front end of this story.

After they were caught, I think they had two choices:  (1) lie about it and claim it didn't happen, or (2) embrace it and keep doing it and pretend like it was intentional.

They clearly went with Choice #2.

Even Newsweek was brought in to carry water for the second option.

Check out this load of propaganda they published trying to explain why they just HAD to create a Fake Oval Office:

Why was a fake Oval Office built?

The event space is being used for White House events that are being broadcast. The area is bigger than the actual Oval Office, and provides an area for journalists.

Martha Kumar, director of the White House Transition Project explained that this room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building is being used more regularly due to it being more accessible.

Previously, the room known as Room 450 was used for such media events.

"You have to slug your way up flights of stairs because the small elevators would hold only a limited number of people," Kimar explained to the Washington Examiner.

"That means you often had to walk. White House staff, as well as presidents, would have to make their way there, too, though they had the luxury of an elevator. With its easy access, the South Court site was welcomed by all."

While former White House events director Josh King explained that the use of the new area is down to "PoliOptics."

"Every week in Washington has an element of theater and stagecraft, one side or another working to take full advantage of visual storytelling," King told the newspaper.

"Presidents can fly on Air Force One across the country—or even around the world—for a photo worthy to print on the top of the fold of U.S. newspapers."

King said that the South Court Auditorium is usually a "generic, stadium-style meeting room with four or five rows of seats; space in the back of the room for cameras sitting on tripods; a small buffer area in front of the stage for still photographers to capture the key moment; and handy backstage doors for easy ingress and egress by the principals."

LOL, ok thanks Newsweek.

Got it...they just had to create a Fake Set because the other one had too many stairs!

How long did it take to come up with that line of BS and how many people sat around a table spitballing ideas until you decided that was the best one to run with?

Maybe I'm being too tough.

Maybe it's true!

I'll turn it over to you....what do YOU think?

WATCH: A Glimpse Into Biden's Fake White House Set

Why does he even have this thing?

Many theories abound, but there can only really be a handful of logical reasons why someone would need a fake staged set to mimic the real thing...

Stephen Miller claims that it is a set built around the use of a teleprompter.

I too think that it has something to do with Biden's reported cognitive decline, but I am not sure if the teleprompter is the exact reason.

Let's take a look, and let us know what you think the deal is behind this creepy staged set:

The New York Post comments:

Twitter erupted after Biden was spotted sitting in front of the digital projection window on Wednesday as he held a meeting with business leaders and CEOs on the need to raise the debt ceiling.

Some ridiculed Biden for using a “literal game show set” as president, while others accused him of deliberately trying to deceive Americans into thinking he was in the White House.



Fox News states:

The video set, which was constructed across from the White House in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, is used by Biden for video conferences and events broadcast online. Featuring professional monitors and lighting.

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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