On Wednesday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre pushed hateful rhetoric toward MAGA Republicans, echoing Biden’s divisive speech from September in which he declared that MAGA Republicans “embrace anger” and “thrive on chaos.”

Ahead of Joe Biden’s speech at Union Station on Wednesday night, Jean-Pierre highlighted Biden’s commitment to defending democracy as it is brought “under assault” by “mega MAGA Republicans.”

“He has been clear democracy is under assault and we cannot pretend otherwise,” said Jean-Pierre. “The president will continue to call attention to the threat to democratic integrity and to public safety posed by those who deny the documented truth about election results and those who seek to undermine public faith in our system of government.”

“Unfortunately, we have seen mega MAGA Republican officials who don’t believe in the rule of law,” she continued. “They refuse to accept the results of free and fair elections and they fan the flames of political violence through what they praise and what they refuse to condemn. It remains important for the President to state strongly and unequivocally that violence has no place in our dmeocracy.”

Jean-Pierre and the entire Biden regime seem to forget that Democrats have always denied election results and claim it was “stolen” from them. Now that the script has been flipped, the Left is trying to flip the script and create fear and division within our country.

Everyone has somehow forgotten about the Left’s reaction to the 2016 presidential election, and many elections in the past.


The only party fanning the flames of hate and violence is the Democrat party.

People on social media began to push back against Jean-Pierre’s statements.

One Twitter user, Matt Whitlock, mocked the claims that MAGA Republicans are inciting violence, saying,

“This is incredible. Democrats are BEGGING them to come up with an economic message or something to help them out, and they’re sticking with “Ultra Mega Maga Republicans.

Even though plenty of Democrat polling tells them that message is a huge dud.”

Staff editor for the Federalist, Sam Mangold-Lenett, also responded to Jean-Pierre’s statements, saying,

“In the 21st century, Democrats and corporate media have not allowed a single Republican president to take office without denying his claim to legitimate victory.”


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