NBC’s Town Hall with President Trump moderator Savannah Guthrie began with the NBC anchor speaking quickly and delivering a hostile line of politically-biased questioning (video below).

No matter what side of the aisle, this NBC anchor was difficult for ANYONE to listen to because of her combative tone. She also interrupted President Trump constantly and tried her best to create a GOTCHA moment.

Social media exploded with comments against Guthrie’s style of questioning the president. Several comments called the “Town Hall” a debate between the president and Guthrie and NOT a town hall.

Our favorite:


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She was so busy talking over President Trump that she didn’t realize he agrees with many of the items she was combative over:

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Guthrie was completely outed today as a combative and shrill anti-Trumper on steroids.

She badgered the president on odd topics like Qanon and white supremacy when he has denounced it over and over.

She jumped on every single question asked of the president:

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