Sometimes all you can do is surrender to Twitter.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio probably started out his day Tuesday thinking about paid family leave, child care tax credits and other deep issues. But when Twitter went wild over an awkward photo of him leaning in for a hug with Ivanka Trump when she arrived for a Capitol Hill meeting, Rubio was smart enough to play along.

The photo, taken by an Associated Press congressional reporter with an iPhone, appears to show Trump declining to hug Rubio back as the two greet one another just outside the Capitol.

Twitter users dissected the seemingly awkward moment endlessly. They compared Rubio to Ralph Wiggum from “The Simpsons” when he doesn’t get a Valentine’s Day card, and to Dr. Evil from “Austin Powers” asking his son for a hug. –NYP

Marco Rubio responded to critics on Twitter by mocking the “awkward hug” in a series of hilarious tweets. 

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Even Ivanka joined in on the fun on Twitter telling followers that “Marco is an excellent hugger” and that the story that he’s an awkward hugger that was making the rounds on social media was “Fake news!” 

Ivanka took it a step further with her next tweet where she used phrases like “anonymous sources” and talked about the “planned” and “alleged” hug to which she had “no comment”. Ivanka was clearly taking a swipe at the media who regularly uses words like “anonymous sources” and “alleged” in their “fake news” hit pieces on her father.

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