Trump-hating Democrat Abdul El-Sayed, who allegedly has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, hopes to become the first Muslim governor in America. He is also hoping to align himself with the Socialist-Democrat movement, as the Democrat Party’s socialist candidate for US Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joins Abdulrahman Mohamed El Sayed on the campaign trail.

Since 2016, there has been a 650% increase in the number of Muslims running for office in America. From school board to Congress since the start of the election cycle, the AP is reporting, that while only about 50 candidates remain since the recent primaries, the number is still higher than it has been since before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

El Sayed frequently bashes President Trump, who is bringing back the manufacturing jobs to the unemployed blue-collar workers in Michigan who never dreamed their jobs would return.

Democrat politicians ignored the massive unemployment numbers in Michigan for decades, as workers watched their jobs and livelihoods go overseas. Meanwhile, Democrat Party politicians sat on their hands, as they were satisfied to keep the former blue-collar workers unemployed and beholden to the Democrat Party for their government-funded existence. The Democrats essentially traded their ability to achieve the American dream for votes, and nobody seemed to care.

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Here are two examples of El-Sayed bashing President Trump on Twitter:

On Saturday, the Socialist-Democrat candidate for US Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, joined the radical progressive Democrat candidate for governor, Abdul El-Sayed for three rallies in Michigan, as a way to lend her support and fire up his socialist base:

El-Sayed tweeted a video of the line of supporters waiting to get in to see him and Socialist candidate for US Congress Ocasio-Cortez. 

Fake black guy, and Black Lives Matter terror group activist, Shaun King, has also lent his support to El-Sayed:

In July 2018, El Sayed bragged about the endorsement of Sharia advocate, and promoter of hate-preacher, and open Jew-hater, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakahn.

Here’s a short video of Linda Sarsour at a 2015 rally organized by Farrakhan to mark the 20-year anniversary of 1995 Million Man March that honored Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. El Sayed claims he is “honored” to receive her support for his candidacy. Does anyone else hear alarm bells?

Meanwhile, in Michigan, only one candidate for governor is willing to confront El-Sayed’s alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

MI GOP Senator Patrick Colbeck

Senator Patrick Colbeck, Michigan’s most conservative candidate for governor, has found himself in the middle a high-profile battle against the intolerant Democrat Party and their allies in the media, who are attempting to destroy his gubernatorial campaign, for having the audacity to reveal Abdul El-Sayed’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

During a “see something, say something” forum with retired Homeland Security Officer Philip Haney, on April 2018, the second-term state senator from Canton Township talked about a “civilization jihad” plot by Muslims to “change our system of government” in America by implementing Sharia law. The effort includes obtaining “positions of influence,” he said, noting Hamtramck now has the first Muslim-majority City Council in the country.

“But we also have somebody I will also likely be running against in the general election, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, whose parents apparently have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood back in Egypt,” Colbeck said in one clip. “This is scary stuff.”

Colbeck clarified his remarks by saying, “I’m not casting aspersions on all Muslims, just those affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.”

GOP candidate for governor, Senator Patrick Colbeck (L) Democrat candidate for governor, Abdulrahman Mohamed Al-Sayed and his wife.

The response from Michigan’s Democrat candidate, Abdulrahman Mohamed El Sayed to Patrick Colbeck’s remarks has been ignored by the media. Instead of addressing Colbeck’s claims, El Sayed spewed a blanket claim that all Muslims hate Colbeck, not just El Sayed, but ALL Muslims.

“You may not hate Muslims, but Muslims hate you,” El-Sayed said after imploring the GOP field.

We’re pretty sure that if Colbeck told El Sayed that ALL Christians hated him, his career as a politician would have abruptly ended, yet, with the exception of a blurb in the Detroit News, this is likely the first time you’re reading about the claim El-Sayed made in front of a room full of people, including journalists, on behalf of every Muslim in Michigan (or perhaps the world?)

Detroit News – Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed on Thursday called for Republican rivals to condemn “Islamophobia” and “racism” after comments by GOP hopeful Patrick Colbeck during a rare forum featuring all seven candidates from the two major parties.

El-Sayed is a practicing Muslim who has previously denied any affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood but on Thursday refused to dignify Colbeck’s comments, even after calling on Republican candidates Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, Attorney General Bill Schuette and Dr. Jim Hines to disavow them.

In July 2018, El Sayed bragged about the endorsement of Sharia advocate, and promoter of hate-preacher, and open Jew-hater, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakahn.

Instead of responding directly to Colbeck and his claims about Sharia religious law creeping into the United States, El-Sayed noted that he or any candidate elected governor will have to take an oath to swear and uphold the state and federal constitutions.

It “guarantees me the right to pray as I choose to pray” and says that “no religious test shall be held over someone aiming to serve under this constitution,” El-Sayed said. “That is an incredible document.”

Colbeck denied that his repeated warnings of “civilization jihad” are rooted in racism or white supremacism.

“I love Muslims. It’s not an issue. The issue is terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.

None of the other Republican candidates for governor addressed Colbeck’s comments during the forum. But Calley said after the event that he does “not agree with what Sen. Colbeck said.”

Colbeck made similar comments in a video that surfaced last month and was posted online by The United West of Florida, which has been called an anti-Muslim hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

So, who is Abdulrahman Mohamed El Sayed and how did he become a candidate for governor in the state of Michigan with no previous political appointments? Why is he frequently compared to Barack Obama? 

Jen Kuznicki, an actual journalist who lives in northern Michigan published a lengthy investigation into the background El Sayed, the Democrat candidate for governor. Here is a portion of what she uncovered.

Go HERE to see the truth about who Abdulrahman Mohamed el Sayed.


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