A Connecticut-based company that manufactures flavored sodas and sells them to restaurants across the United States has recalled multiple products.

According to the New York Post, Charles Boggini Company, headquartered in Coventry, CT, voluntarily recalled its “Pink Lemonade,” “Cola Flavoring Base,” “Yellow Lemonade” and “Yellow Lemonade X.”

The company sells its flavored sodas in one- and five-gallon containers to restaurants in various states.

It does not sell canned drinks directly to customers.

“The products were recalled across nine states: Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Missouri, Illinois, Nevada and California,” Daily Mail noted.

Per Daily Mail:

The pink and yellow lemonades were recalled because the company did not disclose that they contained food dyes Red 40 and Yellow 5 respectively.

Both of the chemicals contains benzidine, a human and animal carcinogen permitted in low, presumably safe levels in dyes. However, companies must declare if products contain it.

According to the FDA, ingestion of free benzidine raises the cancer risk to just under the ‘concern’ threshold, or one cancer in one million people.

The Charles Boggini Company voluntarily recalled the drinks at the end of March, but the health hazard of the drinks was not classified until June 3.

“Some studies have linked red dye to rising incidents of colorectal cancer and other ailments including allergies, migraines and mental health defects,” the New York Post stated.

From the New York Post:

The recall was announced in an enforcement report issued by the FDA, which was reported by Newsweek and DailyMail.com.

The FDA requires manufacturers to declare when dye is used as an ingredient in their products.

The “Yellow Lemonade” and “Yellow Lemonade X” products were found to have FD&C Yellow No. 5 — an artificial food dye that is often found in processed pastries, breakfast cereals and colored candy.

Also known as tartrazine or E102, FD&C Yellow No. 5 is believed to contribute to allergic reactions in asthmatics as well as those with low tolerance to aspirin.

The “Cola Flavoring Base” product that was recalled by Charles Boggini Company was found to contain sulfites, which are salts that are often used as preservatives in food products.

Sulfites in sufficiently large quantities have been blamed for causing skin reactions, digestive problems and respiratory issues.

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