HUD Secretary Ben Carson was being questioned today about his HUD budget when a bullying congresswoman came after him with accusations but Carson held his powder and eventually got to speak his mind.

After Rep. Nydia Velazquez challenged Housing Secretary Ben Carson on his budget, Carson responds by urging lawmakers to “think logically rather than just emotionally.”

Velazquez called Carson’s proposed housing budget “shameful” and “immoral”

But then the fun begins when a Republican has a turn to talk but allows Carson to speak instead.

The comments from Carson are what every American was probably screaming at the TV screen during the time that Rep. Velazquez was ranting in broken English.

These hearings on the Hill are such a joke now because the Democrats rant and rave without letting Republicans respond. It has become a platform for politicians to make it onto the nightly news with their soundbites against the Trump administration. Pathetic…

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