Does anyone remember the $9,000 rebate offered to anyone buying a Volt? Yep, your tax dollars at work pushing a failed model to market instead of depending on demand. The GM bankruptcy was the biggest scam and cluster that flipped the rule of law due to Obama’s desire to save the Unions over just about anyone else in the company. I could go on but the following article is yet another perfect example of Obama’s effort to place ideology over the free market…

Under capitalism, companies produce the products that people want. Under corporatism (formerly known as “fascism,” before that word was redefined to mean “anything liberals don’t like”), companies produce the products they are arm-twisted into producing by ideologically driven government thugs. The latter is less economically efficient, as the Regime of Hope & Change keeps proving:

Production of the second-generation Chevrolet Volt is set to commence this summer, with the first cars going to customers sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. But before Chevrolet can concentrate on selling the all-new version of the plug-in hybrid EV, it needs to find a way to move the overstock of first-gen models currently sitting on dealer lots.

According to The Detroit Free Press, Chevy dealers had about 6,000 2015 Volts on their lots at the end of April, more than twice the amount of Volts the automaker sold in the first four months of 2015.

All this unsold inventory probably means that the amount Government Motors loses on each Volt produced will climb even higher — and it has already been high:

In 2012, Reuters reported that GM was losing about $50,000 on each Volt it produced. Experts estimated then the Volt cost about $90,000 each to produce.

Don’t worry, if GM lurches back toward bankruptcy due to this lunacy, the Feds will bail it out again. You won’t have to pay for it. Obama thoughtfully charges his mountains of waste to the national debt.

Your grandchildren will pick up the tab.

Via: moonbattery

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