The photo above is from Lewiston, Maine…Lewiston and cities like Minneapolis, MN have been flooded with Somalis who do not assimilate. 

THE REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM was created by Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy over 30 years ago. Since the creation of the program, America has imported over 3 million refugees…MOSTLY MUSLIM. THE PROGRAM HAS EXPLODED and lost its real purpose. The RRP is now a HUGE money maker for resettlement agencies who just want to bring in bodies to dump on the small town in America. Every American should be upon arms over this scam on the American people. How have our supposed “representatives” in Washington allowed this to happen? The best thing YOU can do is start asking your Mayor, Congressman, Senator and anyone else responsible for this “Welcoming America” scam. Your City Council will likely know the most on this. Please ask and press on answers. This program is very secretive and creeps into your town without your approval. Please say no to this…

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According to data at we have admitted 2,959 Somalis to the US in the first ten weeks of FY2017, that is highest rate in the over 30 years we have been admitting them.

Bush’s 2004 number of 12,814 will be dwarfed if Donald Trump doesn’t follow through on his campaign promise to halt the flow of refugees from terror-producing parts of the world.

Virtually all Somalis are Muslims and very few come in to US outside of the Refugee Admissions Program. Although some do come illegally across our borders and then apply for asylum.

The numbers below are for fiscal year 2017 which started October 1st: This is ONLY for Somalis!


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