Apparently free housing, food and spending money wasn’t enough for this murderous thug posing as a helpless refugee…

A Somali pirate who was in jail in France for seven years has been jailed for another eleven years in Germany after murdering a fellow African while pretending to be an “asylum seeker” in a Berlin invader camp.

The astonishing story of the 35-year-old African invader has been revealed in the Potsdam, Berlin-based Märkische Allgemeine newspaper.

The Somali—who has still not been named, apparently by court order—provided an astonishing story which dramatically illustrated how hordes of fraudsters have taken advantage of deluded European liberals to invade and parasite off Europe.

He entered Germany in May this year and joined in the general rush to claim asylum, the Märkische Allgemeine reported.


The German liberals immediately gave him housing, food, and welfare money. He received an apartment—which he shared with another African “asylum seeker” from Somalia in a building on the Potsdamer Strasse in Teltow (Potsdam-Mittelmark).

He fell out with his flatmate, a 21-year-old, and in a murderous frenzy, stabbed him nineteen times, cutting his carotid artery. The 35-year-old fled the scene, but was easily spotted on the streets a few blocks away—not only because of his skin color, but also because he was drenched in his murder victim’s blood.

The Potsdam regional court found him guilty of the latest murder and rejected his plea of manslaughter, saying that the nature of the victim’s wounds showed clear premeditation. He was sentenced to eleven-and-half-years in jail.

During the court proceedings, his pretrial statements to the police were read out, and his incredible story emerged. In these statements, the Somali admitted to the police that he had previously been jailed in France for seven years after being convicted of piracy off the horn of Africa.

In addition, he said, he had killed another inmate while in prison in France, and upon his release, he had simply crossed the border into Germany, thrown away his identification papers, and joined the asylum queue in Berlin.

The lack of identification papers is also the reason why the court has not ordered his name to be released—because they do not know his real name or even his actual age.

The court found that he had documents which gave two different birth dates, and he himself had claimed a third, while he had been registered in the German asylum system under three different names.

The latter maneuver is an old trick used by Third World swindlers in Europe to triple their welfare benefits, and is a growing problem with the latest wave of incomers.

Nonetheless, the Somali’s successful exploitation of the “asylum system”—wrecked only by his murderous behavior—serves as a perfect case study in the criminal nature of the Third World invasion and of the stupidity of leftist Europeans in allowing the “asylum” racket to continue. Via: Maz-online and New Observer


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