Hey Glenn, suicide is no laughing matter, and you really needs to start ratcheting down your role as America’s conservative drama queen. Seriously…is America witnessing the melt down of a man who used to be one of the most prominent conservative voices in America? A few days ago, Glenn Beck posted a special video posted to his website, where he addressed news reports of the latest mass layoffs at his troubled media empire. Watch the video HERE. Something is not quite right in the fake oval office. Maybe Beck just needs a long vacation…

Glenn Beck rolled his face in Cheetos last week – And no one stopped him.


Glenn Beck pleaded with Indiana voters on Monday.
“If you guys screw this up, I’ll be on suicide watch.”

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But that not have been the craziest thing he said all day.

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Ouch, Glenn Beck: “Tell me another time in our nation’s history that you have witnessed where Indiana matters.”


Well Glenn…it’s been a tough year, but the results are in and it looks like Trump ran the tables in Indiana:


Wins 30 statewide delegates – May win all of the 27 remaining district delegates

Via: Gateway Pundit

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