Last week, it was announced that the max-vaxxed and boosted Joe Biden had COVID. Joe appeared in a Democrat propaganda video about January 6th where many questioned what was going on with him?

In addition to his eyes appearing somewhat out of alignment, during one 42-second section of the clip, he held his eyes wide open without blinking once. Biden sounded confused and even childlike in the video that was taken a full six days after his COVID diagnosis.

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On Thursday, Joe Biden announced that he tested negative for COVID after being in isolation for 5 days. During his announcement, where Joe looked and sounded horrible, he took the time to push vaccines and tests calling them “life-saving tools,” while taking a dig at President Trump for getting sick with COVID:

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Only moments ago, in a  press release from the White House Doctor Kevin O’Connor, it was announced that Joe has COVID AGAIN!

Dr. O’Connor blamed “rebound COVID,” and not Joe’s poor health for the reinfection, saying reinfection happens in a “small percentage of patients treated with PAXLOVID”

The White House doctor mentioned that Joe tested negative on multiple occasions on Wednesday and Thursday, but an antigen test taken this morning shows the incredibly unhealthy looking Joe Biden has COVID again.

So, it’s back to the basement for Joe…

It’s a good thing Joe spent most of his campaign in his basement and he won’t be confused by his new surroundings. 

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