Remember when over 6,000 votes were flipped from Trump to Biden in Antrim County, MI? It wasn’t until residents of Antrim County began to demand answers from the city clerk that any action was taken to correct the “mistake” with the Dominion Voting machine. The vote flip was eventually blamed on human error by Michigan’s crooked Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

Last night, Americans, political pundits, and cable news hosts were stunned as they watched the results of the New Jersey governor’s race show GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Ciattarelli maintaining a steady and growing lead over the incumbent Democrat Governor Jack Murphy.  race against his iron-fisted, COVID-positive nursing-home-packing Democrat opponent Governor Jack Murphy. Political pundits were stunned. MSNBC hosts came unglued. For over 12 hours, Americans watching Murphy lag behind in the vote tallies believed they were witnessing the most stunning upset of yesterday’s election.

Those of us who watched the November 2020 election being stolen in Democrat stronghold cities using a variety of dirty tactics and techniques knew better.

Now, something really fishy is being reported by internet sleuths who recorded results of the New Jersey Gubernatorial race on the eve of the election and then again, this morning on the New York Times website.

Last night, before midnight, Bergen County, the most populous county in NJ, reported that with 100% of the vote (219,894 total) accounted for, 52% of the vote was for GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli. This morning, an additional 40K votes were added to the Bergen vote total, flipping the county to Democrat Governor Murphy who only had 47% last night. After 12 or more hours of falling behind his GOP opponent, Jack Murphy miraculously took the lead in the governor’s race.

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Here is a timeline of how the Bergen County race was reported with exact numbers and times of the report:

In yet another curious discovery, the final numbers for critical positions like the Sheriff, City Clerk, and County Commissioner races on the down-ballot were all won by Republicans. But we’re supposed to believe that somehow, Jack Ciattarelli, who pulled off huge, unexpected wins across the state of New Jersey wasn’t able to keep pace with down-ticket races?

What do you think? I’m sure the “fact-checkers” will be circling the wagons to disprove our reporting, but images don’t lie, and thanks to so many internet sleuths, we have copies of the images showing the reporting. Instead of coming after conservative news sites, perhaps the “fact-checkers” should ask Bergen County election officials why they reported 100% of the vote twice, with a 40K+ vote swing in favor of Dem Governor Murphy the second time?


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