Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, a liberal Democrat would like to become the nation’s first Muslim Governor in a state that’s home to the city of Dearborn, with the highest Muslim population outside of the Middle East. The state of Michigan also made news last year when Hamtramck, a city that for decades was known for it’s strong Polish immigrant community, elected its first all-Muslim City Council. It’s probably not that far-fetched that the son of Egyptian immigrants living in a state where tens of thousands of Muslim refugees and immigrants come to live would want to see the state of MI become a “Sanctuary State”.

“My faith is really important to me, as it is for many Americans and Michiganders,” El-Sayed said. “But I think we should be asking ourselves rather than how one prays, or what they pray to, we should ask ourselves what [one] prays for and what one hopes for.”

While El-Sayed said his Islamic values are at the center of his work as a civil servant, he wants people to know his number one priority is to serve the people of Michigan.

But some residents in the state may not be ready to see a Muslim governor. In the last several years, Michigan has been a hotbed of Islamophobia. Dearborn, a predominantly Arab-American city in the Detroit metro area, has been a frequent target of anti-Muslim activists, conspiracy theories and fake news. But El-Sayed doesn’t want Michigan residents to be distracted by anti-Muslim rhetoric and violence — and he wants people to know that the principles of Islam are what guide his service.

“I am running because of the values my Islam teaches me — which includes beliefs in equity, the fundamental rights of all people, a belief that we will judge ourselves as a people based on how we treat the most vulnerable,” El-Sayed said. “A belief in being good to others fundamentally, a belief in respect and dignity to one’s neighbors and one’s friends and one’s family.”-Business Insider


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed is starting to propose a progressive platform that includes making Michigan a “sanctuary state,” providing universal preschool and offering publicly funded health insurance to any resident needing coverage.

The ex-director of Detroit’s health department unveiled parts of his platform Monday.

El-Sayed says as the son of Egyptian immigrants, he understands the value of immigrant communities and Michigan should consider how to become a “sanctuary state.”
El-Sayed took to Twitter to celebrate the decision by a radical court to prevent President Trump’s 60-day travel ban from terror-hotbed nations into the U.S. He calls what many experts are calling an unlawful power grab by a radical judge the “rule of law”:

El-Sayed claims that a Sanctuary State will make Michiganders safer.

As a Michigander, I can assure you that making our state a “Sanctuary State” will not only make it less safe, but it will cause many people to move away to states who have laws against law-breakers.

The “sanctuary” term has no legal definition and varies in application, but it generally refers to local jurisdictions that do not cooperate with U.S. immigration officials. – US News

El-Sayed also made his feelings known on Twitter about a MI lawmaker, Rep. Michele Hoitenga, R-Manton,MI who wants to make Sharia Law illegal in that state of Michigan. El-Sayed attempts to make the comparison of the 10 commandments and the Holy Bible to Sharia Law. What El-Sayed seems to be willfully ignoring, is the fact that the United States is a Judeo-Christian nation.

Nice try…

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