For several hours today, members of the House Judiciary Committee listened to testimonies from victims of crime, their lawyers, advocates, and family members of victims of crime in Manhattan, who are fed up with the Soros-funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s light or non-sentences for violent criminals, while he uses taxpayer dollars designated to fight violent crime in NYC to focus on manufacturing crimes against his political enemies like President Trump.

The attorney for bodega worker Jose Alba, who was charged with murder after he stabbed a man to death who violently attacked him inside the store where he was working.  Instead of praising Alba for fighting back and taking another violent thug off the streets, he was sentenced to nearly a week at Rikers Island before the charge against him was dropped.

“I am not here because I’m supporting Republicans. I am not here because I want to criticize the Democrats. I just want to tell the public about the horrible experience I had to go through because of crime in this city,” lawyer Imran Ansari read from Alba’s statement.

New York Post reports – Alba recounted that on July 1, he stabbed a man in self-defense after he violently attacked the bodega clerk during an argument with the suspect and his girlfriend over potato chips.

The store employee said he was locked up in New York City’s notorious jail, where he was denied medical care and was forced to endure harsh conditions “inside a crowded and unsafe intake cell.”

“Even though the charges were ultimately dropped, they should not have been brought against me to begin with,” Alba wrote in his statement. “I am now traumatized from the incident. I am not working because I’m terrified for my life that someone in the gang will come after me for revenge.”

Monday’s field hearing, aimed at what Republicans were calling Bragg’s “pro-crime, anti-victim politics,” followed a preemptive rebuttal from Democrats dismissing the move as a “sham.”

Jennifer Harrison, founder of the Victims Rights NY PAC, also testified today during the hearing.

Here is the transcript from her testimony, which reveals the brutal truth about how Alvin Bragg is an absolute failure as the prosecutor in the increasingly violent New York City:

Alvin Bragg’s office has downgraded 52% of felonies, and even when his office does decide to prosecute a case, they only have about a 50% conviction rate.

No one is safer, as he promised as a result of his delusion or diversions. During Bragg‘s first year in office in 2002, the crime index went up 25.57%, borough-wide violent crime of 11.73%, and in Manhattan South, one precinct alone— murders were off 40%!

You will hear many horrible stories today we read about them almost daily, like Madelyn Bream and Jose Alba, whose testimonies will speak for themselves. I am here today on behalf of the many other victims that reach out to me and are free to speak out and are completely distraught with the way they have been or are being treated by the career public defenders in Brad‘s office. They are being told the office does not have the resources to prosecute their case. We have heard nothing about murder victims.

 Kristal Bayron-Niieves…

Kristal Bayron-Niieves

…Michelle Go

Michelle Go was violently murdered when she was shoved in front of a subway train by a total stranger in Manhattan.

…or Christina Lee

Christina Lee and her murderer

…or how their cases are being handled Christina Leewas brutally murdered by a mentally ill homeless man who was supposed to be under supervised release in a shelter run by a nonprofit. Who was supervising this emotionally disturbed man? How did this happen?

The Manhattan DA‘s office has the authority and the duty to investigate and indict or make recommendations in situations like this that will keep New Yorkers safe and prevent it from happening again. Yet, none of that has been done. Does Bragg’s office not have the resources for this either?

I’ve heard from victims of domestic violence and hate crimes that have not been charged, who are also unable to get the support services they are not only entitled to but that the Manhattan DA‘s office receives federal and state funding to provide. Why are they not providing the services efficiently?

Over 65 assistant district attorneys left the office in the first half of 2022, most of them, experienced veteran prosecutors that cannot be replaced. Only a select few are left in that office to fight for victims. What resources is Alvin Bragg using to replace those that left instead of using their exit as a scapegoat for not prosecuting cases?

This is a very scary time to be here. God forbid you or your family are victimized. Who do you have to fight for you? No one.

Alvin, Bragg has given excuse after excuse to not prosecute violent crimes for seeking not only the distraught and forever changed victims but the entire justice system, and we have no recourse when our rights are violated. We cannot file for prosecutorial misconduct only the criminals can, even when they violate our fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Alvin Bragg’s dereliction of duty and malfeasance has caused tremendous harm. In our newfound progressive society. All the compassion and empathy is please put those intentionally inflicting harm on others, and not with the innocent casualty the victim 

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