We might believe the lie that a MSNBC panelist just told if we didn’t know that the Democrats had on their platform for years promoted moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. In fact, three past presidents had promised to move the embassy prior to President Trump’s administration!

WFB reports:

When President Donald Trump announced the United States would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Democrats blasted the decision, despite past support for Jerusalem to be recognized as Israel’s capital. The Democratic Party has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in each of its last four party platforms.

The comment by this so-called journalist claims Trump is  “pleasing the people who finance the GOP:

“To be cloaking this event as if this was some sort of a gesture of peace, and that this was the beginning of some kind of peace as the president was implying, it’s unnecessary,” Ghosh said. “No one’s going to believe it for a moment. This is nothing to do with peace. This is to do with the president fulfilling an election promise and appeasing his base and pleasing the people who finance the GOP.”

The decision to move the embassy has led to mass protests and violence in the Gaza Strip, and journalist Bobby Ghosh said on MSNBC that the move was not part of any peace process. Any invocation of the word “peace” by Trump, he said, made many Arabs wince.

Referring to the protests, Ghosh said Palestinians were “not going to go quietly, as we’ve seen.”

Stephanie Rühle also made the claim that Trump left the nuclear “deal” with Iran because of a Jewish billionaire. Has she been living under a rock? The Iran Nuclear Deal was a total sham from the beginning and was a no brainer for Trump and anyone with any common sense.

Ghosh made the remark to MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle, who had earlier commented on the presence at the embassy opening of Sheldon Adelson, a Jewish billionaire and GOP mega-donor. Last week, Ruhle said Trump left the Iran nuclear deal “maybe to please Sheldon Adelson.”

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