A South Carolina store put up a sign jabbing Dick’s Sporting Goods for not selling AR-15’s – Dick’s recently reported a big loss because of their decision. This backfired on the big retailer but helped smaller mom & pop operations like CrossRoads Pawn & Audio.

The best thing about the positive feedback is the message the store put out:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their support! When you have tremendous outpouring of positive reinforcement comes those who don’t have the same views. We respect everyone’s personal opinion.
We would also like to clear up any confusion. An AR15 is NOT a combat weapon or a tactical assault rifle. In no way are the horrific massacres happening to our children and in our schools acceptable. This violence must stop. But it’s not the guns killing innocent Americans.
We will continue to take strides to reinforce and advocate for responsible gun ownership. We will also continue to be proud supporters and members of the NRA – National Rifle Association of America.
Once again, from our Family; we thank you all.

The Crossroads Pawn and Audio in Little River, S.C., put up a sign last week stating, “We sell AR-15’s because we’re not Dick’s.”

The sign was a tongue-in-cheek jab to the sporting goods retailer, which announced in February that it would no longer sell assault-style weapons following the deadly Parkland school shooting. The store also announced it would ban the sales of all guns to anyone under 21. Following the retailer’s decision to stop selling the weapons, several major gun manufacturers announced they were severing ties with the company.

The pawn shop put up the sign before the deadly school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, WPDE reported. The sign was met with backlash from residents who felt the sign was offensive.

“I think it’s very offensive,” Ernest Carson of Socastee told WPDE-TV.

However, a couple of residents felt the sign was humorous.

“I love it, it’s funny and gets the point across,” a social media user wrote on Facebook.

Despite the backlash, the business said it has received more business following the sign.

“We have a few people, you know, who weren’t in favor of the sign but our positive feedback really outweighed that negative feedback,” Barbara Davey, the store’s manager.

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