There is no word yet, about how Rocket Man plans to respond to the egg on his face… 

South Korea is making sure North Korea doesn’t forget about the regime’s soldier who defected to the South in a daring escape earlier this month — by blasting updates about the defector’s health through its military’s loudspeakers at the Demilitarized Zone, a report said on Sunday.

South Korean troops broadcasted an update on Sunday about the North Korean soldier’s “nutritive conditions,” taking a hit at the Hermit Kingdom’s alleged health issues, Yonhap News Agency reported. The broadcasts are reportedly so loud that people within 12.4 miles from the DMZ are able to hear it.

“The nutritive conditions of the North Korean soldier who recently defected through the Panmunjom were unveiled,” an official told Yonhap News Agency.

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Consistent updates have been broadcast through South Korean military’s loudspeakers since the soldier, identified by his surname, Oh, was shot at least five times while dashing across the Joint Security Area — a strip of land at the DMZ where North and South Korean forces stand face-to-face — on Nov. 13. The broadcast operation is part of an ongoing psychological warfare between the North and the South. The gigantic loudspeakers were switched back on in January 2016 after North Korea’s fourth nuclear test.

The loudspeakers are also reportedly used to blast propaganda to persuade North Korean soldiers to doubt Kim Jong Un’s regime and even convince them to defect to the South, the BBC reported. Those speakers have been used sporadically since the end of the Korean War.

Watch the North Korean’s daring escape here:

The 24-year-old North Korean defector is currently recovering from the gunshot wounds he endured when his fellow comrades fired dozens of rounds at him to stop him from defecting to the South. Video of Oh’s dash to freedom released on Wednesday showed him speeding down a tree-lined road as stunned North Korean soldiers began running after him. He fell into a pile of leaves against a small wall before being dragged to safety by South Korean troops. – FOX News


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