A South Park clip from 2014 is going viral on Twitter. In the episode called “The Cissy,” Eric Cartman decides to begin identifying as “trans-ginger” so he can get away with using the girls’ bathroom. A number of conservative commentators dug out the old but surprisingly relevant clip and posted it on social media.
South Park was ahead of its time on the Trans-bathroom issue and mocked the way schools are handling the situation in the episode.
Cheong tweeted a clip of the video, saying, “South Park is now taking on the transgender bathroom issue. Nailed it.”

 The episode aired during South Park’s eighteenth season, featuring Cartman, the narcissistic antagonist, who uses the girls’ bathroom at his school to guarantee a stall. The episode depicts the conflict that emerges from Cartman’s decision. The girls in the bathroom are upset and tell him they are going to tell on him and that they want him to get out of their bathroom, while the teachers find themselves unable to respond to the situation.

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The episode focuses mainly on the conflict between the girls of the school who resent Cartman’s ploy and the teachers who find themselves unprepared to address the situation. Ultimately the school decides to appease Cartman with his own restroom, which is in the janitor’s closet. The school attempts to avoid the hot political topic.

Some on the left may not like Cartman, who is portrayed as a narcissist, opportunistic, and amoral, being the character who says he’s transgender. He is known for manipulating situations to achieve what he wants. Daily Mail points out that in another episode, Cartman also pretends to be disabled so he can participate in the Special Olympics in order to win $1,000.

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In the trans episode, he talks about how much better the girl’s bathrooms are and says, “Did you notice the bow? I’m not comfortable with the sex I was assigned at birth, so I’m exercising my right to identify with the gender of my choice. Now get out of my way; I have to take a sh**.”

The teacher, Mr. Garrison, and the Principal have a conversation about what to do about the bathroom situation. Garrison says they should not confront Cartman on his gender, “Nobody else is going to know that. You better just give him what he wants.”

Issues surrounding transgender bathrooms continue to cause problems. Recently a fellow swimmer said Lia Thomas exposed male genitals in the female locker room last year. Thomas now identifies as a female, which means shared locker room space.

Some are pushing back, working to protect women and children from indecent exposure. The State of Arkansas is looking for a way to protect minors from encountering similar issues in bathrooms and locker rooms. Multiple Senators have worked on bill 270 to protect children from indecent exposure. The bill’s passage would mean that people have to use facilities that are in accordance with their sex when minors are present.


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