Today, Southfield, MI City Clerk, Sherikia Harris, was charged with six election law felonies related to the 2016 election. 76.7% of voters in Southfield, MI are registered as Democrats, 20.9% are registered Republicans.

The city of Southfield is located in Oakland County, MI.  In 2016, Hillary Clinton won Oakland County by 8%. The majority of counties in Michigan went for Trump.

Detroit Free Press is reporting that Hawkins, 38, allegedly altered 193 absentee voter records, but the changes did not have an impact on the election results in the city, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said.

“I want to be clear, the allegations that the Southfield clerk falsified official election records did not alter the outcome of any election,” she said. “There were no races that were won or lost as a result, and there were no voters who are disenfranchised. All valid votes in the election were ultimately counted and the final official vote total was accurate.”

According to a Michigan State Police affidavit describing the crime, Oakland County elections officials discovered the issue during a post-election audit of Southfield’s election results.

The charges, which stem from the Nov. 6, 2018 general election, are as follows:

  • Count One. Election Law – Falsifying Returns/Records, a five-year felony and/or $1,000;
  • Count Two. Forgery of a Public Record, a 14-year felony;
  • Count Three. Misconduct in Office, a five-year felony and/or $10,000;
  • Count Four. Using a Computer to Commit a Crime – Election Law – Falsifying Returns/Records, a seven-year felony and/or $5,000;
  • Count Five. Using a Computer to Commit a Crime – Forgery of a Public Record, a 10-year felony and/or $10,000;
  • Count Six. Using a Computer to Commit a Crime – Misconduct in Office, a seven-year felony and/or $5,000.

    In 2012, while acting as a poll challenger for the Republican Party in Pontiac, MI, I witnessed multiple election violations and reported them to the Republican Party. I was physically threatened by the elections supervisor at the precinct where I was assigned, for “getting to close” to the workers who were overseeing the voter rolls, (the books that included the names of registered voters in the district). I was repeatedly warned by the elections supervisor that I was making her workers “uncomfortable.” What made me uncomfortable, was watching a elections supervisor, who allowed an almost incoherent voter to use a pill bottle with her name on the label, as a form of identification. What made me uncomfortable, was being ignored by the elections supervisor multiple times when I demanded a ballot was designated as a “provisional” ballot. Several times, the voter’s name couldn’t be found on the voter rolls or the voter wanted to use an illegitimate form of identification, like a pill bottle, for instance.

    The City Clerk in Pontiac was none other than Sherikia Hawkins.

    I went back to the same polling place two more times after the 2012 election, and each time, I found more and more shenanigans that were taking place inside the gym of a Salvation Army building in Pontiac, MI. The last time I was a poll challenger in the Pontiac, MI precinct, the city clerk, Sherikia Hawkins called in an Oakland County Sheriff who threatened me for having too many poll challengers on the floor behind the workers, while the city clerk stood next to him and smirked. I explained to the sheriff that he should understand the law before threatening me, and he left. Shortly afterward, the clerk apologized and said she was mistaken about me not being allowed to have another poll challenger next to me while overseeing the process. The next day, an article appeared in the Oakland Press about how the police had to be called on a Republican poll challenger for intimidating voters. None of it was true; it was all staged for the media. The city clerk knew exactly what she was doing when she called the sheriff, who reprimanded me and then left the precinct. It was a setup.

    It’s too bad the former Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, who we gave detailed reports of issues we encountered in multiple Pontiac elections, wasn’t willing to look into the allegations of voter fraud against Pontiac polls workers and the former Pontiac City Clerk Sherikia Hawkins.


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