Michigan born and raised rock phenom Kid Rock is a big fan of President Trump and he’s not afraid to admit it. I’m proud to say Robert Ritchie, aka Kid Rock was born and raised in Romeo, MI, the same rural hometown where I grew up. Hunting was a common sport for kids who attended our high school, and many of the parents were employed by Chrysler, Ford or GM. Given his strong rural American roots, it’s no surprise that he’s such a big supporter of “made in America” products.  Kid Rock has been putting his money where his mouth is for quite some time with his wildly popular line of Made in Detroit products. He recently caused quite a stir with his line of t-shirts that are being sold that proudly show his support for President Trump.

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Kid Rock has announced his latest venture, the American Badass grill. Much like Trump, the outspoken rocker is taking it to China in his most recent videos, that show both his love for guns and his love for American made products.

Here’s his hilarious American-made “American Badass Grill” ad that showcases both Ritchie’s love for guns and his dislike for products made in China. “We got grills that are made in China, and we got .50 cals that are made in America. This is 100 percent pure American badass.” The goal was to show “what it looks like when Chinese-made grills meet American-made explosives.”:

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Here’s the ad Kid Rock uses on his website to describe why he’s making “Made in America” grills. Go HERE to purchase the versatile $100 grill:

In this ad, Ritchie and friends can be seen using a special technique to destroy BBQ grills that are made in China. “If it’s not made in America like the Kid Rock American Badass Grill, you don’t want it.”: 

It really would be dumb to buy any grill other than the American Badass, which aims to “Make Grilling Great Again.”

“When you get something made in America, the quality is going to be better,” Kid Rock explains. “Win, win, win, win, all the way around.”

It is one of the most versatile grills on the market. It is “large enough to fit 12 burgers, small enough to take the party on the road,” and also features a dual damper system that allows it to cook in different ways.

“The American Badass Grill comes with a dual damper system so you can control heat, the key to perfect grilling,” the website says. “Open the vents, let in more air and you’ll turn up the heat for fast grilling with a nice sear. Close the vents to lower heat for low and slow grilling.”

The grills cost about $100. To paraphrase another American hero, go buy Kid Rock’s stuff. –WFB

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