They pulled every trick in the book. From manufactured polls designed to discourage Trump supporters from going to vote on election day, to an all-out assassination attempt on his character, you’ve gotta hand it to these propagandists, there wasn’t a dirty trick they didn’t try. Trump took abuse by the media like no other Presidential candidate before him. Even after our dishonest media was caught working behind the scenes with Crooked Hillary, her campaign and the DNC, they still came at Trump with a shameless vengeance like we’ve never seen. What the media didn’t understand however, was that every time we saw Trump alone in the ring against a mob of unruly leftist “journalists” fighting back with everything he had, it only strengthened our resolve.

In Trump, Americans saw something that’s been missing from our politicians for decades, we saw someone who was actually willing o fight for our nation on our behalf. We saw someone who wasn’t going to concede to political correctness, or to give our lying media respect they didn’t deserve. Every time he called them out for their dishonesty, Americans cheered.  Every time they hit Trump with another lie, or worked in unison to impugn his character, he always managed to come back even stronger than before.

Trump wasn’t interested in playing by the media’s rules, and they did everything in their power to punish him for not playing along. Along the way, he brilliantly exposed them as nothing more than an extension of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. And so it is, with great pleasure we share with you some of the best liberal media meltdowns post-Trumpocalypse…

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow typically has a very arrogant way about her. Funny, the attitude seems to have disappeared:

NBC’s Chuck Todd and Lester Holt were two of Hilary’s biggest cheerleaders. They just can’t seem to figure out how they failed to convince America we needed Hillary as our next President:


It’s bad enough that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has to deal with a Republican President, but how will he EVER be able to deal with a “xenophobic” Republican majority House and Senate?

Debate hack Martha Raddatz was in full meltdown mode:

CNN’s Dana Bash explains to Brooke Baldwin how people who voted for Trump really don’t like him.

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