A Spirit Airlines employee at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has been suspended following a fight with a female passenger that was captured on video and has since gone viral.

On Thursday, August 11, an angry passenger on Spirit Airlines exited her plane, complaining that she did not have a seat onboard, according to a police incident report. The Spirit Airlines supervisor reported that he asked the woman to get in line to speak with the gate agent, but, according to witness statements, the woman cut the line and grew “uncooperative.”

The supervisor then tried to take the woman’s boarding pass, which seems to have led to a rapid escalation in the situation.

At this point, an onlooker, Thomas Shannon, pulled out his phone and began recording as the woman began growing physically aggressive towards the male airline supervisor.

The video, while it does not capture the beginning of the argument, shows the woman reaching around and shoving the airline employee who shouts, “You have lost your mind, don’t touch me ever in your life!” and “You touched me first, and then you got in my face. Don’t ever invade my personal space.”

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The woman began to yell at the airline agent, calling him a homophobic slur and cursing at him, at which point a third party stepped in to try and diffuse the situation. However, the woman continued to swing at the airline agent, striking him in the face.

“She was verbally assaulting [the airline agent], physically assaulting him, and, uh, he just snapped,” reported Shannon.

The employee then rushed the woman who, as she ran away, tripped over a chair and they both tumbled to the ground. As they were getting up, the agent struck the female passenger. At this point, others arrived on the scene and were able to get between the man and the woman.

The airline agent then continued to try and pick a fight with those who stepped between him and the passenger. However, none of them engaged physically with him, instead focusing on diffusing the situation.

Following the altercation, the woman reported to the police that she “didn’t do anything,” and that the employee pushed her “for no reason” before anyone started recording.

In the initial police report, it is determined that the woman was the aggressor and may have committed assault. So far, no one has been officially charged.




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