Lou Dobbs is spot on with his assessment of what President Trump did in making a debt-ceiling deal with Democrats:

President Trump knows he’s dealing with a RINO in Paul Ryan and was ready to call him out on it. Trump went around Ryan and McConnell to make a deal to get funds to the hurricane victims in Texas. Ryan tried to grandstand on it but Trump wasn’t having any of Ryan’s BS so he met with party leaders and made a deal right in from of the RINO leaders of the GOP. The art of the deal in action…Trump also pushes the issue on the debt limit to right before the election in 3 months…brilliant!


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He turned on Republican leaders in Congress when he caved to Democrats’ demands to raise the debt limit and fund the government for three months, setting up a brutal year-end fiscal cliff. The move shocked everyone, as top White House officials and GOP leaders had been gearing up to raise the debt ceiling through the 2018 midterm election, looking to pass legislation as soon as Friday.

But even after Mnuchin, Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pushed back on the Democratic demands in the meeting, Trump agreed to the three-month deal that will also head off the possibility of a government shutdown until mid-December.

During the meeting, Ryan sharply criticized the Democratic proposal, a source familiar with the exchange said. But Schumer reminded him that Ryan had supported short-term increases in the past intended to help create bipartisan deals in 2013.

So after Democrats rejected GOP proposals to raise the debt ceiling for 18 months, and then six months — Trump endorsed Schumer’s three-month pitch.

The Treasury Department will likely be able to buy more time for Congress on the debt limit into 2018. But the Wednesday deal still means Congress will have to raise the debt ceiling, negotiate a massive trillion-dollar spending bill, and potentially hash out a deal on immigration all at once or in quick succession.

Trump’s statement on the deal:

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