Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova know the law and they know the D.C. swamp having practiced law there for decades. Lou Dobbs discussed the judge who was the sentencing judge yesterday in the Michael Flynn case. Toesning had this to say about Sullivan:

JUDGE SULLIVAN “shows a lack of knowledge of the law”

The court should invoke due process & dismiss the Flynn case for govt misconduct.

This was a frame-up from day one.

Judge Sullivan asking Flynn about treason showed lack of sophistication & knowledge of the law.

Joe DiGenova calls what the judge did “a body blow to Flynn’s name”.

diGenova was speaking about the judge bringing up a treason charge to the special counsel during the court appearance by Flynn yesterday. Just bringing up the word “treason” was a terrible move by the judge because the word is now forever attached to Flynn by the media who jumped all over the accusation.

Flynn’s wife tweeted out about how devastating this is to the family.

To add insult to injury, the judge slapped a travel ban on Fynn.

A Deep State message to Flynn was clearly sent yesterday. This is a total set-up and is a warning to anyone who would go against the Swamp.

Just listen to Victor Davis Hanson on the soft coup he believes is happening right now:

If you’ve ever heard Victor Davis Hanson speak about current affairs and why America is in the place it’s in, you already know he’s loaded with smarts and common sense.

He is a soft-spoken man who lays it out there with no drama and no breathless platitudes of doom. He’s a realist. It’s why what he says in the video below should be taken very seriously. He’s dead on.

Hanson was on Tucker Carlson tonight and calmly stated that he believes a soft coup is taking place…We agree 100%

Gateway Pundit transcript:

Victor Davis Hanson: This Mueller investigation that we have is not in isolation. We had, remember, from the day Trump was elected we were told the election machines were flawed, we were going to sue. And then there was a group, remember we were told about the Electoral College, and we were told we had to overturn the electors. And then we went to the 25th Amendment that Trump was unbalanced. And that didn’t work. And then we went to the emoluments clause, he profited even though his businesses had lost a billion dollars.

And then we’ve gone to Mueller. And so there’s a slow motion if you will, I don’t want to be too psychodramatic like MSNBC gets. But there is sort of a slow-motion coup to overturn the elections.

This man gets it!

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