Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is spot on in his blistering comments regarding the Mueller probe.

“You have to understand, Mueller’s not involved in an investigation. Mueller’s involved in a Trump destruction project. He brought on a team…all of them dedicated to destroying Trump. They’ve done everything they could to destroy Trump…And part of that technique…is you throw the kitchen sink.” 

Mueller’s investigation has nothing to do with truth and nothing to do with justice.

From the start, his only goal has been to do whatever it takes to destroy President Trump.

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Matt Gaetz was on fire last night after sitting through a day of testimony from Comey. He had so much to say and none of it was in favor of the Deep State, Comey or Mueller.

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz was on Lou Dobbs tonight when he dropped big news about the Deep State and how they worked to keep investigators from getting to the bottom of what Comey and others did to spy on the Trump campaign.

Gaetz mentioned that Democrats are running out the clock on the investigation.

Democrat Jerry Nadler even commented that his party plans on shutting down any investigation into Comey/DNC/Clinton once they’re in charge:

“I think that the Republican leadership did not want us to get to the bottom of the facts. They did not want to truly unearth the extent of the Deep State and that’s why we’re here, with the clock running out and the Democrats about to be in control.”

Trish Regan just ripped into Nadler and says the probe should continue:

Democrat Jerry Nadler says there are NO political biases at the FBI — umm really?! Did you see the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? They CLEARLY hate POTUS! I don’t care if YOU don’t see the bias, the rest of America does! So let the probe continue!

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