Senator Lindsey Graham just called out hypocrite Chuck Schumer on his opposition to a border wall.

Graham appeared on Fox News with Judge Jeanine Pirro to discuss the wall and doubled down to say Republicans won’t give in on getting the wall built.

He said that Schumer is “kowtowing to the radical left” in opposing the wall.

The radical left has seeped into the Democratic Party and is directing policy like the one on open borders. Key Democrats are now openly calling for open borders and for abolishing ICE. The common chant with these radical leftists is “No borders, No wall, No USA at all!”

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This is what we’re up against so it’s why we need to stand firm and support President Trump on a border wall.

Did you know that according to a Yale, MIT study we have an estimated 22 million illegals in our country? Yes, it’s 22 million and growing every day without a secure border.

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What will happen when Venezuela falls and the citizens of that country travel to our border?

The wall is a weapon against losing our sovereignty as a nation.

Our safety is also at risk without a secure border. As it is, there are gaping holes in our border where illegals get through every day. Who knows if terrorists and gangs are crossing? The answer is…WE DON’T KNOW!

Drugs are pouring into our country every day without a border. With the opioid crisis a priority for our lawmakers, doesn’t it make sense to secure our border from drug trafficking too?

How about the cost to taxpayers? Illegals are a drain on our economy. It’s a fact.

So why would the Democrats put our sovereignty, safety, and financial stability as a nation at risk? It’s a question every lawmaker who opposes the wall should be asked.

Lindsey Graham is standing firm on support for the wall because he knows what’s at risk here.

He spoke with Judge Jeannine Piro about his support for President Trump and building the wall:

Graham tweeted out firm support for the border wall:

We are not going to ABANDON the wall.

We are going to BUILD the wall!

Graham also called out the Democrats on “spending like drunken sailors” on everything but the wall:

He’s so right!

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