What a joke! Facebook and other social media platforms are using information just like any other entity you are connected with on the internet. It’s a fact of life but the politicians want to grandstand and pretend like it’s a new thing. Chances are your personal information will be used for TARGETED advertising. Case in point, Mark Zuckerberg just spoke to Senator Bill Nelson on how Facebook remains a free service to billions because they can target you with ads:


This hearing is a joke! The politicians think you’re buying the BS. James Woods cuts to the heart of the matter:



Zuckerberg was asked about hate speech and said they use to enforce the policy reactively. Now, they’re being proactive on flagging hate speech with AI systems. People then look at flagged content and then decide to take it down or not. Hate speech is “nuanced” so it’s difficult to identify.

Zuckerberg just said he wants to “take a more proactive role in our responsibility”. Police and use tools of social media in ways that are “good and healthy.”

SENATOR FEINSTEIN used every second of her time to bash the election of President Trump. Is anyone surprised?

The hearing is very partisan with Democrats focusing on discrediting the election of President Trump. It’s a joke!

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