The video below will make your day! Matt Bevin gives a fantastic assessment of what happened and what’s wrong with the treatment of the Covington students by the media. It’s fantastic!

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin says he’d tried to stay out of the “drama” about what happened in D.C. to students from Kentucky who were trashed by the media. Bevin decided to speak out and nailed the fact that the media made assumptions about the students based on their color, faith and where they’re from.


“The level of bigotry that was evident throughout this came from one side entirely and it was twofold.”

“It came in the moments prior to the little snippets that set people into a tizzy when there was true racial bigotry shown by people that were with the fellow drumming when they told people to go back to Europe…that this wasn’t their country. Also, preceding even that as people were yelling some incredibly vile and racist things at these teenaged students.”

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“None of that was covered. That was the only true racism and bigotry that was evident on that day.”

“Since that time, there has been an incredible amount of bigotry shown by the media. The people who took this and ran with it, who didn’t verify anything, the people who made assumptions about these kids because of their color, because of their gender, because of their faith, because of where they lived, because of the hat that they were wearing.”

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“People didn’t bother to do the basic checking of facts…that anybody who was worth their salt in the media should have and would have done…because this fit the narrative and the stereotype and the bigotry that they wanted so desperately to be able to run with and I find it offensive that people have insulted these students as they did.”

“There are none so intolerant than those who preach tolerance.”

WOW! Bevins couldn’t have said it better!

Bevin tweeted out earlier in the day in support of the students:

Had hoped to avoid weighing in on the ongoing drama surrounding the now infamous video of some HS students in Washington DC…But many in the media and privately have asked for my thoughts…Frankly, I am saddened by the whole thing…

It was amazing how quick those who preach tolerance and non-judgment of others were to judge and label some high school students based on partial information…There are none more intolerant than liberals who don’t like your options, values, faith beliefs, political stance, etc

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