While Nancy Pelosi is sipping cocktails at a resort in Hawaii, our open border just caused the death of a police officer in the prime of his life. How many other countless deaths have been caused because we do not have a secure border and have sanctuary cities where illegal alien criminals can hide out?

The high crime and cost of open borders must be stopped but it won’t be until the Democrats put Americans before everything else. Right now, the priority for Democrats is to deny President Trump a win on anything and to pander to open borders groups. They don’t want closed borders because they’re counting on illegals for their next voting block. Nancy Pelosi is selfishly stalling on anything to do with the border wall because she’s protecting her speakership.

Sarah Sanders just called her out in a BIG way:

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called out Nancy Pelosi on how she’s protecting her speakership over the protection of our borders and American lives:

“She’s unwilling to actually do anything until she gets her speakership.”

“She’s more willing to protect that than she is to protect our borders and protect American lives.”

Spot on!

This is why we love Sarah Sanders! She tells it like it is!

Here’s more from Breitbart News on Pelosi in Hawaii:


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