Ouch! Tell us what you really think…

A voter spoke out about what he thinks of presidential candidate Joe Biden, and it’s not pretty, but spot on:

“He’s Barack Obama’s friend. He’s got the cool black friend. That’s all it is.”

“Joe has a terrible history in the black community and everybody just loves him cause he’s the fluffy old guy.”

“He has given us no policies.”

Biden is in the news this morning for his #MeToo moment at the town hall in Houston, Texas yesterday:

“I get it” – Joe Biden

Remember that video that Joe Biden filmed last month in which he promised to respect personal space? He obviously didn’t get it.

After Joe Biden made a very odd entrance to the American Federation of Teachers town hall (see below), he went back to his old political moves of being “Creepy Uncle Joe”. For some reason, he thinks it’s ok to invade the personal space of  just about everyone. With children, it’s especially bad. Just bizarre…

A Washington Post reporter called it an “odd moment”: In a somewhat odd moment at tonight’s AFT town hall, Biden tells a 10-year-old girl, “I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.”

He takes her over to the assembled reporters, then stands behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders while he’s talking

Odd entrance to the AFT town hall:

This is a montage of Biden’s past public actions:


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