Conservative Pundit Tammy Bruce is spot on in her assessment of why Obama has no right to take credit for the Trump economy:

It really does get down to the fact that President Trump has done everything the opposite of what Obama did while in office!

It’s so true that Obama said the jobs weren’t coming back and that Trump would need a magic wand to create jobs. Obama’s eating his words now!

Obama to crowd on lost factory jobs: “Cuz some of those jobs of the past are just not gonna come back. And when somebody says, like the person you just mentioned, I’m not gonna advertise for. That he’s gonna bring all of these jobs back. Well how exactly you gonna do that? What are you gonna do? There’s no answer to it. He just says, ‘Well, I’m gonna negotiate a better deal. How exactly are you gonna negotiate that? What magic wand do you have. And usually the answer is,’he doesn’t have an answer.'” 



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