This is so worth the watch! Brit Paul Joseph Watson slams the left and their desire to invalidate the wishes of the people when they voted to elect Trump:

This is one guy to follow on YouTube. Paul Joseph Watson gets to the point every time. In the second half of the video, he addresses Brexit.

This comment by Jim O’Connor is spot on:
If our votes get to the point that they really don’t matter, then paying taxes and obeying laws really won’t matter then. These so called “good people” are tyrants, who want to enslave all of humanity. In 1776 a group of imperfect people stood up against such tyranny. Tyranny similar to the CIA running drugs to destroy people and fund themselves, Soros buying elections and influence, the banksters funding war, the propaganda media (no news). I hope Trump shuts down the federal reserve, shuts down the CIA and corrupt FBI, issues US currency, and puts the Satanic pedophiles in the worst prisons possible for the rest of their miserable lives. If he doesn’t, the deep (creep) state will destroy his family in front of his eyes.
Those in the Cabinet who voted to have Trump declared incompetent, need to be in front of a Marine firing Squad. This sedition cannot stand.

We’ve been following Watson for some time. Here’s a good and very funny example:

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