Two people in the same voter booth…what’s going on? Philadelphia has been the epicenter of electioneering interference on Tuesday.

The Philadelphia GOP tweeted an image of two people in the same voter booth. The photo is claimed to be taken at Ward 12, Division 4 located at Shrine of the Miraculous Medal polling location.

It appears that Philadelphia poll workers have forgotten all they learned in training…or they didn’t even attend training at all. Not only is it wrongful for a poll worker to force their political opinion on a voter, but it is a crime. News reports flowing out of Pennsylvania indicate that Philadelphia may be the epicenter of electioneering interference!

Early Tuesday morning, Philly GOP tweeted, “Polls have been open for 2 hours in PA. Here’s what we’ve seen: – Several reports of locations closed. – 300+ people stuck in line. – Ballot harvesting. – Certified watchers being denied access. But sure, Republicans are the party trying to meddle in elections ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe Biden is attempting to shmooze and deceive a few more voters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

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