The George Floyd Trial arguments have now been heard and closing statements were made on Monday.  It is now up to the jury to make a decision on whether Chauvin will be found guilty or not.  Yet, the Mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul have both sought to taint the jury pool, incite, and wholly subvert constitutional process while demanding that National Guard troops be be brought in to risk their lives preventing the fallout from their statements.

Far-Left Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Fray

Race pimps and unapologetic Tyrants like Maxine Waters flew all the way from California to incite people to violence and extort a ‘guilty’ verdict from jurors while intimidating all Minnesotan’s with endless violence prescribed by her BLM and Antifa followers.  This was such an egregious act that even the judge in the case mentioned that it has likely tainted the jury and will lead to a winning appeal by Chauvin if he is actually found guilty in this trial.

Maxine Waters inciting violence in Minneapolis

Businesses and homes have been boarded up–many of them since the BLM and Antifa riots after George Floy’d death in 2020.  Schools are going remote-only to keep people safe from violence.

Because of the endless unrest, violence, destruction, and division created by BLM and Antifa, 3000 National Guard troops have been sent to Minneapolis ahead of the verdict.  We hope this means that they will prevent any riots, regardless of the verdict.  However, in the past, we know that policing presences in BLM and Antifa riots have often stood back and watched as BLM and Antifa terrorized cities due to the corrupt leadership in their police forces, mayor offices, D.A.’s and/or Attorneys General.

Nearly every city that has experienced such violence and skyrocketing crime since 2020 and in 2021 has been far-left progressive.

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But, even amid all the violence, the far-left radical mayor of Minneapolis, Carter–who has allowed his city to become a warzone nearly a year, appears to want to stoke further division and intimidate jurors with his own comments on the trial.

Minneapolis Mayor Melvin Carter tells CNN that trials don’t matter ahead of Chauvin trial verdict

In a report to CNN, Carter noted that his biggest concern is “making sure that everyone in our community knows that there is justice in our justice system for them.”

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By justice, though, he means an angry mob as the judge, jury, and executioner despite complex evidence.

“We are all eyewitnesses, we all know what we saw and nothing that happened in the trial changed any of that,” Carter said.

So, the Mayor of Minneapolis has allowed his city to burn to ash over the past year through his progressive policing policies, and now he says that TRIALS DON’T MATTER.  All that matters is your knee-jerk emotional response to incomplete evidence.  This is a completely anti-constitutional view of America and his city.

He ended his statements by insisting that this isn’t trial about whether Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd.

Instead, it is a trial of America and its entire rule of law as a racist and terrible apparatus that has never valued people who aren’t white.

“And so, when the entire world gets to see it that clearly, at some point, this trial also becomes a trial of our criminal justice system… A trial to determine if this legal system that delivered us separate but equal, that has delivered us so many horrific decisions throughout the course of history, if this system is capable yet of valuing Black and Brown lives.”

Besides being demonstrably false, does this language bring people together?  Or, does it build barriers between people and stoke racial tensions?  Is this how a mayor should be acting, ignoring all contradictory evidence and speaking on behalf of all Minnesotans by disavowing due process?  Does this not taint the jury when they see their mayor insisting on one verdict over another?  Should this not worry them when they return to work after the trial that, should their consideration of the evidence yield a not guilty verdict, their public officials may persecute them in some way?

It is statements from radical leftist or spineless government officials like Melvin that make the National Guard troops so much more necessary.

The Sun Reports

“…countless protesters took to the streets when the closing arguments were heard on Monday, with demonstrators brandishing signs that read “Blue Lives Murder” as they demanded justice for George Floyd.

Shops and businesses have boarded up doors and windows as the Minnesota city transformed into a fortress over the weekend, with vandals smearing pig’s blood and leaving a severed pig’s head at the home of an expert witness for his defense.

More than 1,100 officers from public safety agencies across Minnesota have also been brought in to help stem any potential unrest, as the city waits with bated breath over a verdict in Chauvin’s trial.

Some 3,000 guardsmen have also deployed by the Minnesota National Guard to assist cops as President Joe Biden is said to be considering how to deal with the situation.

All schools in the city have also been moved to remote learning from Wednesday in anticipation of any violence.

A verdict could be returned as early as the end of this week after closing argument in George Floyd’s murder trial were heard on Monday, with jurors retiring to mull the fate of ex-cop Derek Chauvin.

The former Minneapolis police officer is facing charges of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and third-degree manslaughter.

All three of the charges are separate, meaning he could be found guilty of all, some, or none of them.

Ahead of a potential acquittal, some businesses have even hired private security firms to guard their premises through any protests or riots.

….In the early hours of Sunday morning, two members of the National Guard were hurt in a drive-by shooting.

While neither suffered serious injuries, local officials said the incident highlights the “volatility and tensions” in the community right now.”

In addition, the former home of key defense expert witness, Barry Brodd who testified last week that George Floyd’s death was “accidental,” was vandalized in California.

“…Brodd, a use-of-force expert, took the stand last Tuesday where he claimed Chauvin was justified in kneeling down on George Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes, did not use deadly force, and said he was “acting with objective reasonableness.”

Then, at around 3am on Saturday, a group of vandals dressed in all black were seen throwing a pig’s head and dashing red liquid over a home where Brodd once lived several years ago.

The group reportedly fled as the current occupiers of the home dialled 911.

Around 45 minutes later, the same vandals are believed to have drenched a statue at a nearby mall and left a sign that read, “Oink Oink,” police said.”

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