Things are getting way out of hand in the U.K.

Stabbings have skyrocketed there so the logical thing to do, according to their law enforcement, is to confiscate all pointy objects…even “bread knives and meat skewers”:

“Yesterday we conducted weapons sweeps, dealt with a person injured from a van reversing on them, reported a burglary and collected all these from @scope charity shop who diligently didn’t want them to get into the wrong hands & disposed of correctly & safely.”

A local police department posted a photo of the “weapons” they confiscated:

Butcher knives, a fencing sword, a machete, bread knives, and even meat skewers…the only problem with the picture is that people noticed a few odd things included in the confiscated items…a spoon?

Social media went berzerk over this outrageous attempt at protecting the public by confiscating spoons, serving forks and spatulas?

Tim Pool wrote:

“Police didn’t want this cache of weapons to fall into the wrong hands … There’s a fu**ing spoon and a butter knife in this photo … The UK has gone mad. They CHOSE to include the spoon. They could have just left it out. They really do think spoons are dangerous.”

Spoon=Cereal Killer

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