Inflation is the highest it has been in 41 years and low-income families suffer most from it

Biden is the most anti-working class family president in all of US history, surpassing even Jimmy Carter. The mass stimulus packages doled out by him and his administration, over $1.9 trillion, have led to the worst inflation spike in 41 years–since 1981–with a 8.6% consumer price index leap from May of last year.

Additionally, real wages are down 3% from this time last year.

Gasoline prices are up 48.7%, eggs are up 32.2%, airline fares are up 37.8% and the list goes on.

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Inflation is so bad that even CNN can no longer hide the truth about the Democrat Party’s incredible failures:

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Some Americans are even forced to rely on food banks for the first time in their lives due to mass price increases.

Inflation has not been this much of an issue in decades and it looks as though it will only get worse. Since Biden took office we have seen a steady rise in inflation which has not ceased.

Costs across the board have gone up while wages decline, and working, low-income families are the most heavily impacted.

Reckless spending from the administration and a generalized incompetence in all things fiscal has led to these dire circumstances where families cannot afford to put gas in their tanks and food on their tables.

For some who commute, a large chunk of your already taxed paycheck is essentially being taxed again at the pump when you spend a portion of your daily wage on getting to and from work.

For those with young children, ensuring their nutritional needs are met has become a massive financial drain and an anxiety in and of itself.

Americans cannot afford Biden.

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