There are a lot of reasons Democrats are turned off by their party’s leadership, not the least of which is that they’re becoming a party they no longer recognize. Instead of the party who fought for the American worker, they’re now fighting for jobs for the illegal alien and refugee population. Instead of fighting to keep jobs in America, they’re fighting President Trump, who’s literally fighting every day to bring manufacturing jobs home to the United States.

A group of young “Democrats For Trump,” regularly calls out the party they used to support for their disgusting efforts to undo the 2016 election results:

Instead of calling for calm and civil political discourse with Americans who have opposing political views, Democrat leaders are calling on their constituents to “get in their faces” of who don’t agree with them. The sight of a “Make America Great Again” hat triggers Democrats, and in many cases, causes them to violently lash out against anyone brave enough to support an America first agenda. In spite of a roaring economy and strengthened military, Democrat leaders have adopted a new mantra—anyone but America first.

Brad Parscale, President Trump’s campaign manager, took to Twitter on Sunday night, to report what is sure to be very disturbing news for the Impeach Trump lawmakers in D.C. who foolishly believed their “resist Trump” plan would pay off in 202o.

Parscale tweeted some shocking data that is guaranteed to send a shiver up Democrats’ spines.

Of the 16,432 voters who provided data, 27% were Democrats. The significance of this is monumental. I wonder what the percentage of Republicans attending Democratic rallies is. I imagine it would be low to nil.

Red State reports – This tells us that a certain percentage of Democrats are looking at the weak field of candidates and are searching for an alternative. I would guess many of them are turned off by the injustice of the current impeachment inquiry as well as the party’s sharp left turn. It might surprise Democrats to hear that not every Democrat supports impeachment or the vision of a socialist America.

The next data point showed that 24% had voted once or less in the last four elections. Half of them have not voted at all. Can you imagine if this group were to actually go to the polls next year and cast their ballot for Trump? It’s not a crazy assumption. It takes less time and effort to cast a vote than to attend a campaign rally.

The data also showed that 20% were black. The state of Mississippi has the largest black population in the U.S. at approximately 37%. It’s also one of the reddest states. (The District of Columbia has the largest black population – 50.7%.) Still, 20% is an impressive number for African-American turnout at a Trump rally.

Brad Parscale on right.

None of these numbers are very good signs for the upcoming 2020 election. If voter fraud is not allowed to run rampant in critical states, Donald Trump should have no problem cruising through to an easy victory in 2020.

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